My free software and open source activities of December 2017

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A new month with few stuff, to read the previous report go here.


This months was busy but I done as usual few pull requests:

I opened 9 issues and closed 2 on different projects:

My projects

This month was very busy:


I have lead as Reps Council Chair 1 meeting this month, check on:

I done my first call with my Coachee as Reps Coach, Felipe!

To find other activities you can see on

I was also involved on promotion on social networks and other for Mozilla Italia.

Tried to migrate the Mozilla Italia forum on Discourse twice, required a lot of days (a lot of data).

Promote MDN 2.0 mentioned on Mozilla Developer newsletter

As bugzilla tickets, this month only one:


This month no meetings for me, too busy in other stuff 🙁

I worked a lot in different libraries and also on the boilerplate on, it is finished but I prefer to do more tests .


No events apart Mozilla All Hands.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We done a meeting of the council team and we planned few more things, I have to do do few changes to the website. We also published our first newsletter!


This month was different, with discussion inside Mozilla per Leadership proposal, busy with work (yeah happen sometimes) but too many ideas for the next year.

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