My free software and open source activities of October 2017

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I saw this kind of blogposts around the web and I want to try to check what I do every month to evaluate better my time, but at the same time let to the others to discover what I am doing and maybe do promotion on projects where I contribute.


This months there was the hacktoberfest so I done few pull requests for this initiative but also other for other reasons:

I also discovered the filters on GitHub so I opened 24 issues on different projects:

My projects

In this month I created a new repo:

With hacktoberfest I got received in different projects new stuff so soon I will release a new version of

There was also updates on and 3 new release of

I published also 2 new talks on


I have lead as Reps Council Chair 4 different meetings this month, check on:

I also worked on Internal stuff for the council like for Open Conversation, OKR Q4, also on

To find other activities you can see on

I was also involved on promotion on social networks and other for Mozilla Italia.

Many of the things I have done are not public or easy to show because we work in a community very wide in planning things.

I started to work on 2.0 of Promote MDN plugin for WordPress.

Ticket on bugzilla where I was involved or I opened:


I made a video in Italian about live contributing with coding on https://daniele.tech2017/10/live-coding-patching-wordpress-20-minuti/.

Also on WordPress Italia I lead 3 meetings about Core-Help: 1, 2, 3.

I joined different meetings on core-php during the month, you can check them better on

I contributed with patch to WordPress in this month on:

I worked a lot in different libraries and also on the boilerplate on, waiting to release a new official version soon.


I joined the Italian Linux Day in Rome but also the LibreOffice Conference in Rome and the WordPress Rome Meetup with a talk about WP-CLI.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We done a meeting of the council team and I worked on improve the website and closing our issues on GitLab.



Seems a busy month probably because I had to many things to work on but we will see for November what are the updates!

As hint for the next month I will try to keep a list of stuff to be more exhaustive and forget stuff.

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