Linux Day 2017 Rome – I was there

This article has been written more than 1 years ago, information might old.

As every year I joined the Linux Day in Rome!

With Eugenio I had a booth for Mozilla Italia that was literally plundered by the attendees.

The organization from the triumvirate on Roman LUGs that made a cool event with promotional poster very cool (also about the badges were cool):

I had a talk about Firefox 57 and Firefox Nightly with few attendees but was also the last talk of the day and was understandable also that we had a booth always with too many people.

Eugenio instead about Rust with different attendees but the event is not only a way to had a booth about us but also to take contacts with different Roman LUGs to evaluate to organize events.

The event showed that the Mozilla’s gadget like sticker works as always also our Telegram’s channel are interesting. We need to work more about the onboarding factor because many people are asking “what means to became a Mozilla volunteer” and we need something very simple and interesting on this thing to be more efficient on this point.

Few photos:

A photo album:

Info about the event (in Italian):

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Linux Day 2017 Rome – I was there

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