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After Sha2017 I was invited to join the End Summer Camp near Venice and I managed to with Eugenio for Mozilla Italia.

The booth

In the event’s schedule we had two workshops one about extensions and one on virtual reality along with a talk on Mozilla but unfortunately weather conditions prevented us from staying as programmed every day and we returned in advance.

We had the opportunity to make a really nice stand thanks to the stuff collected over the years and as an outdoor stand it made its cool scene.


@mozillaitalia at @endsummercamp #esc2k17 #mozilla

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@mozillaitalia c'è al @endsummercamp

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Having the space for two booths (initially was one), we decided to use one to make hacking/programming space and to chat and on the second day there was always someone!

Mozilla Italia and a frame #mozilla @i_genius

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@mozillaitalia and @i_genius @aframevr

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My talk today about webextension at @endsummercamp #mozilla

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The space availability then suggested tus to make the talk outdoors instead of putting them in the tent but as you can see there was not enough space for everyone.


In the tent since we did not sleep so much I wanted to shoot a video to sdrammatize the fact that I was sleeping!

Bye from my 🎪 at @endsummercamp

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Seeing the group of people we talked during the events we also did another talk dedicated to Firefox DevTools because the audience did not know JavaScript so we felt it was better to explain how the tools and the page works.

We could promote so much Firefox Nightly, Rust and more other stuff by chatting with the participants.

The event demonstrates once again that hacker or system administrator does not even care about JavaScript also if the stuff that you can do are very cool. In the future, we can evaluate just about talking about JavaScript first steps or more talks about technologies, and what they do instead of development topics such as one dedicated to Firefox or the fewer known Mozilla projects.

The event was useful to gather feedback on the promotion of Nightly, we received comments “You’ve convinced me and I’ve installed the nightly and it’s fast!”, “It works really well” or “Screenshot feature is really useful!”

I could add people to Telegram or email because they wanted to stay in touch. In fact, we tried to go beyond giving the volunteer business card but try to have an event post contact that brings more points in terms of involvement and volunteer opportunities.

A day and a half of the event at the end was enough to understand the event and what to do best for the next one. For example, fewer tables but more demonstrations and Mozilla projects to show to the people like this observatory.mozilla.or to name one or security projects.

Many people have been questioned by Thunderbird, but actually the situation is stagnant and there is no news.

The electronic stuff I brought without a test is useless to bring it but back home I put everything in order to working. The leds did not work because of short cables to be connected to the power supply and Arduino while the UDO x86 now works.

We will have to wait for the Mozilla iot project to evolve before promoting it, but the audience seems to be the right one. Also we can also think of a live coding moment but I could show quakejs.com and the people was suprised that you can play on your browser.

The detail of hacking space where you can talk to people shows to us how to work because it lets you make 1:1 meetings and talk about more.

Returning at home a post on Reddit caught my attention (after the workshop on A-Frame), in a nutshell, people were interested and wanted to talk about it.

A-Frame: una libreria per la virtual reality, compatibile con browser, headset e cardboard from ItalyInformatica

In the same days we got over 1500 likes on Facebook!

Abbiamo raggiunto i 1500 mi piace su questa pagina!Grazie a tutti voi per il sostegno che ci date con i vostri…

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