San Francisco All Hands 2017 – I was there

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This time the All Hands was in San Francisco near the Mozilla office and was different from the past for various reasons.

The first things to remember was the missing of plenary session with all the teams because the Firefox team in all the various subteams was busy on work on Firefox 57 that will a point of no return.

We will be in front of something that will change the ecosystem for everything, from the extension to the interface and that will get some problems probably for all the user afecionados that cannot use old extensions.

From the TechSpeakers side there are news because they are working on a website and on a github organization with a repo for all the stuff

From the Reps Council we are working on a report but in the meantime there are the recap slides.

For Janitor instead are in plan new features to upload easily patch on bugzilla for Firefox with a simplify this (boring but important) step.

In San Francisco there was also a booth in the Union Square to promote Internet Health Report, together at the ads in the wall about the campaign Browse against the machine.

Should not missing a visit to the Mozilla office and do many photos with the monument:

Other updates:

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