WordCamp Europe 2017 – I was there

This article has been written more than 1 years ago, information might old.

The last weekend in Parigi there was the WordCamp Europe.


Just to say the numbers of the event!

Contributor Day

This is the day I prefer because it allows you to get dirty your hands and to know people while working on computers that is an unusual thing.

I was able to work in the Polyglots and Core room by collecting feedback for GlotDict and participating in meetings between translators and GlotPress.

In fact, with this information I released a new version of GlotDict yesterday.

I talked to WordCamp Europe about the fact that a community needs a glossary to translate, the video has not yet been uploaded to WordPress.tv.

Foto di Oliver Gobet – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gd6d/35390640745/in/album-72157682186520382/

There was not a big attendance probably because I was far away from the other polyglots talks but talking to other people I reconized that the recorded video is very much used. I hope on the topic because the glossary serves to all translation projects, even outside of WordPress.

As far as the contributor day I can only say that the building was dispersive because there were no signs to see where the stairs were, it is a 3-floors building but there were monitors that made it possible to understand the map of the palace .
Another thing I did not like was the timetable that I think was too hard to close at 17 while another time was possible because it does not allow me to do much because there are talks to follow the moving between the rooms.

For the rest I liked it because at the end of the day you can do great things for the community all together in the same building, in terms of real numbers and projects realized.


In addition to being able to get us a photo of the group of the Italian community (I do not know if we were the only ones to do it) and I finally got it a wapuu for my collection!

That among other plushes is really great!

There were not many interesting talks for me at the conference unless the first day.

I followed the talk on WordPress Bootstrap Process that is very interesting and can not wait to read the documentation!

And the next on profiling (I am informing on how it works to improve my code)

On the second day I followed Matt’s QA as everyone but I was not excited.

I was expecting more information about the future but only Gutenberg was showed and in the developer world finds conflicting opinions. I have to try it but from what was told to me will break all the previous code from the metabox to TinyMCE. I will have nightmares on the incompatibility of various visual composers!


The day before the contributor day we all met all together (the Italians) for a dinner.

The event was a way to meet with other friends

We also got a photo of us at WordPress Meetup Roma (who is working on the wordcamp but I’m not available in those days).

But I could meet Matt in person and make myself selfie with him!

Thanks to the various friends I did shopping!

From this point of view, WordCamps are the ideal place to network and meet people, as well as gather suggestions for our projects.


I was able to attend the Freemius Meetup, it is the service that we use to distribute our premium plugins, where I met a lot of people.

From Envato to Wp Engine to other independent developers like us that sell their plugins.

The interesting factor was the common problems, without marketing your project is going nowhere and we developers stand out of this.

However, these chats have given me some interesting ideas to improve our premium plugins Glossary and WooCommerce Fiscalità Italiana.

Finally I met the Freemius team after years of reporting bugs 🙂


In Paris there is Mozilla’s office which was one of my missing in Europe to visit.

The visit was useful to talk about the Firefox Nightly project and the promotion that we want to do in the coming months in Italy. If you want to find out the latest Firefox features, you should try it out!


A great experience to find new things, meet people and find out what’s on our WordPress world.

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WordCamp Europe 2017 – I was there

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