Oscal 2017 – I was there

This article has been written more than 1 years ago, information might old.

Also this year I joined the Open Source Conference Albania ed èand was very useful for exchange thoughts with other people of the open source world.

This year there was many italians and the schedule was very full of interesting talks.

An important fact to notice is the huge investment in terms of work on social network with a post for every speaker.

The thing that I liked most was the community meetups of the various communities that enabled the attendee to let the people talks about their problems and discuss with others of different national communities.


This year I had two talks about the WordPress world, one dedicated to the localizer on the good practices for rules and a workshop about wordpress plugin development.

For the Italians was very helpful to chat with the communities LibreItalia, Mozilla and WikiToLearn and I can say also a lot.

It is useless to say that we was doing an italian group also at the restaurant.

And I don’t want to talk about the beard of non Gabriele that now is legendary.


Avoid jokes the event show again that the argument is interesting the mainly issues of this edition was the high number of ferign speakers.

Let me explain better, the second day the audience was missing. There was only speaker and volunteers of the event and this was easy to see to during the talks with very few people.

I had only 3 person at the talk about glossary for localization and 10 at workshop. Of this 10 people they was all volunteers that come only because my room was empty. Also I discovered that they wasn’t developers but my workshop was very highly technical.

Gabriele on his talk had only 6 person while the day before the people that was following the talks was of a different numbers.

The place has internet only on 1 of 3 spaces for the talks and also the booth gathered interest only the first day.

The event organization was very good, the after event and the place wasn’t very bad but maybe too many people for an event that can be one single day with better metrics.

At the same time too many technical talks about dev stuff when the audience is not mainly a developer.

From my point of view I will think about work more on the schedule and change the audience target because the hospitality and promotion the event was very very good.


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Oscal 2017 – I was there

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