Debian Ubuntu Community Conference 2017 – I was there

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The Debian Ubuntu Community Conference met this year, after a year of pause, this time in Vicenza.

For this edition I presented two talk, the classic Join Mozilla we have cookies on the day dedicated to communities talks and the next day I held the talk Coaching for Open Source Communities.

The schedule of the event was very interesting, especially because of the many speakers and representatives of different communities.

One can say that it is a way to meet people in the area to present the latest projects but rather to debate that the second day has allowed us to evaluate actions together among the various communities.

Personally, the talk on the Debian community has made me understand how it is organized and I’m sorry I can not even contribute to this community, I’m a Debian user since I use linux but the time is unfortunately limited.

Personally, the two final talks of the first day on Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap for me was interesting because they are presentations that should be made civically, given their purpose and interest.

I knew about the wikipedian in residence but the case of a donation example from a digital material organization that makes a good volume of accesses show that knowing these things is important.

In the case of OpenStreetMap it was interesting to know about Amatrice since it is in the province of Rieti where I live.

I hope that the Mozilla Club Rieti, which I am preparing with Gabriele, will allow us to promote these things in our territory that nobody knows.

On the second day Roberto’s talk opened the dances for a debate between the various realities about the problems of promotion we have as a open source movement.

It can be said that in the Italian Linux Society we are not few!

The problem of the venue is real and every place has its problems but a bar or a brewery to meet can be a solution for testing and starting to meet.

The talk about the Torino Hacknight was very interesting and I would like to try to replicate them in Rome but I find it difficult because of the interest in contributing but I will study the issue.

The talk about Ask Ubuntu was interesting because it is a common problem in the communities that support but also to deepen how StackOverflow works.

I hope the message

Be past about group work but by the number of tweets I would say.

For an even more complete photo album:

For tweets:

Short talk videos will be published soon.

Money was collected (over € 100) during the event and donated to Debian, which shows that this is also possible.


I was able to talk to people interested in the Mozilla Campus Club and the Mozilla Club, but one thing that has come up with talking to a variety of people was the fact of the labs.

In Italy, the various companies organize different things for the promotion: events, workshops, courses, presentations or demonstrations, but all agree that for several reasons the most effective solution and less problems with government or private company are the laboratories. Participants come in a different spirit, knowing that at the end of the encounter they learn and can get their hands dirty instead of a course they are expecting some kind of results and has a different long-term commitment.

I could talk to other students or guys who are facing to the work world and see that there is still a way to introduce them or at least information about how to work for/on open source.

This event has showed once again that there is no coordination between the various communities or at least one way to stay in touch.

You then feel the interest in doing something in the open source and community bigger and we’re making evaluation for next year 🙂

I came back stimulated to the opportunity to make events in Italy after discovering many facts and experiences that we can replicate elsewhere.

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