WordCamp Torino 2017 + Free Software Activity Day – I was there

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

April started with two events!

Free Software Activity Day – Milan – 6 April

The day organized by the guys of WikiToLearn was a test to see how promote open source in a universitary place with different speakers of different places.

The href=”https://activitydaymilano2017.wikitolearn.events/”>website of the event and the promotional graphic was really good.

I done two talks (one together with Eugenio) and was a way to meet Enio and Italo of LibreItalia but also the students of the same university that are working to create a Mozilla Campus Club oltre che unother than a Linux User Group.

In the after event, however, I was able to meet people interested in opening a Mozilla Club in Milan.

A photos of Mozilla TechSpeakers at Milano Bicocca.

The event saw several speakers from different communities about different topics and this type of event in my view works with the experience of Linux Day in our country.
The initial talk I made about what open source is, works on getting attention, but not works very well on what is Linux and make it more an engaging topic.

What did we learn from this event?
If as small as participation (out of 35 people) it has allowed us to note that in the university area the Rust topic is confirmed as an a high interest topic and that there is interest in open source but it is necessary to be able to do a wider promotion in order to involve many more students. Let’s not forget that Bicocca is a very big university but a site, promotion on social network and posters is not enough, so we have to experiment with other promotional methods for universities. Maybe paid advertising on Facebook or professors that remember the event on their lessons might be newother experiments that we can evaluate.

The Milan reality is full with many open source communities but they are not in communication each other and is something that I’ve already seen in big cities. Mozilla Clubs and Campus Clubs can work to create network!

We will see how Milan will evolve in the coming months 🙂

WordCamp Torino 2017 – Turin – April 7-8

The second edition started with the Contributor Day, this day was really intense for me where I managed the Core table and two talk.

I leave you some photos and tweets.

The WordCamp was a way to meet old friends but also gather information about the state of the art of WordPress in Italy and find out how adoption of the open source world is going.

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Talk about my experience as TechSpeaker has been a success and I hope to help the various meetups but that talk go beyond the WordPress world.

We have also been able to gather information for the WordCamp that we want to do in Rome.

I explained what Mozilla does during the WordCamp and also chat about Firefox Developer Tools.

I love too much the contributor day methodology and I think it would be used in other events like the Mozilla Festival or Fosdem to expand the networking during these events.

WordCamps are once again showing a place where open source exists in business and it is normal to use it and to contribute while I do not see this attitude in other events.

If I had to sum up the Turin event I would only use meeting with old friends and I don’t know what else to add if that was not pleasant and we will see to the next!

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WordCamp Torino 2017 + Free Software Activity Day – I was there

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