WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.0.5

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I chosen to release a new version of WPBP to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

The issue was in the loading of the textdomain that in 4.6 changed in priority. in 4.5 was possible to add a textdomain in bundle with load_plugin_textdomain in that way your translation got the maximum priority on loading but on 4.6 with the autoloading of translation from translate.wordpress.org the code is changed.

Now if you want that your translation in bundle is loaded you need to use load_textdomain.

The 2.0.5 contain also 2 new libraries:

For anything is available a Changelog!

See you for the next release!

PS: also the wpbp-generator was updated with a fix and the support for the new version of the boilerplate.

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