My extensions on Firefox and Thunderbird 2017

Questo articolo è stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

After two years from this article and one from this and with the success of this posts we will see the list for 2017.

The detail to note is the increase in the number of extensions without slowing down thanks to the improvements of Firefox themselves and new WebExtensions.

This article is a list of extensions that I use every day.

Let’s start talking about my extensions because in the meantime I started to develop them!


You can find here and they are:

For their download statistics, you can see here.

Do not forget that is comfortable and extensions are constantly changing.

Addon Update Checker

This extension is for the addicted of updates like me who can let you know which extensions have a new update to see the news of the extensions. This extension is also for Thunderbird.

Link: Addon Update Checker

Advanced GitHub Notifier

Show system notifications for what happens on GitHub on your profile. It allows me to be always on the piece in the various repo that I follow in real time.
I translated the extension even in Italian.

Link: Advanced GitHub Notifier

Beyond Australis

A more compact interface for Firefox, fantastic!

Link: Beyond Australis

Dictionary Switcher

It adds to the context menu the option to change the dictionary for spellchecking through the languages ​​available in the browser. Very useful when writing in multiple languages ​​on the browser.

Link: Dictionary Switcher

Static GitHub Tabs

The GitHub bar is convenient especially if slide!
Link: Github Static Nav


System notifications on Linux in Firefox.

Link: GNotifier

Google search link fix

Google Redirects I do not like at all!

Link: Google Search Links Fix

I do not care about cookies

The notices of the sites about the cookie law are really boring, with this extension I forgot that exist. There is also for Firefox for Android.

Link: I do not care about cookies

Nightly Tester Tools

Tools for users of Firefox Nightly!

Link: Nightly Tester Tools


The links in the code on GitHub are really comfortable, especially for packages and modules.

Link: Octolinker


The issues and readme can be really long given to collapse is very comfortable on GitHub.

Link: Octopatcher


The sidebar with all files and project folders, convenient to navigate the repo on GitHub.

Link: Octotree


Firefox saves a lot of information in the database file type and sqlite after so much time they need to be optimized, this extension automatically every few days doing this work.

Link: PlacesCleaner

Privacy Badger

We block things that draw us and buttons company in a simple easy to navigate and quick.

Link: Privacy Badger

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Because even Reddit needs some finishing touches such as infinite scrolling and some tabs like the one for the images.

Link: Reddit Enhancement Suite

Scroll Up Folder

Navigate the paths of a website so much easier!

Link: Scroll Up Folder

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Often they refer to a thumbnail largest version, with this extension we automatically a tooltip with the big version. Very useful in social networks.

Link: Thumbnail Zoom Plus

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin/uBlock replaced AdBlock Plus in my installations that demonstrated best performance and a more intuitive interface that allows you to learn more about what makes the sites you are visiting.

Link: uBlock Origin

Firefox Developer

With the arrival of DevTools integrated there is no so much needs of extension but I’m thinking of developing some.

Performance Analyser

Statistics regarding the site performance. Very useful to improve performance!

Link: Performance Analyser


We change software, and we are missing Thunderbird, Addon Update Checker was already mentioned for Firefox.

Auto Compress File

Automatic compression of attachments in zip format, needless to say its convenience.

Link: Auto Compress File

Automatic Dictionary

Remember the language dictionary to use according to the recipients, really convenient for those who speak multiple languages!

Link: Automatic Dictionary

BorderColors GT

I have many configured emails but I do not mind what I am using for the answer, this extension adds a different colored border (configurable) in sending email box. A noninvasive method but working to realize if I’m writing with the right one.

Link: BorderColors GT


The area that contains the email information with the various buttons in the email viewing contains a lot of information poorly organized. This extension optimizes the layout and the dimensions.

Link: CompactHEader

Contact Tabs

He adds a search field for all address book contacts and improves the management of turning contacts into tabs.

Link: Contact Tabs


Show avatars senders of Thunderbird.

Link: Gravatar

Inverse SOGo Connector

It adds CardDAV support of Thunderbird, so I have my OwnCloud also synchronized contacts on your mail client.

Link: Inverse Sogo Connector

Send Later

Send later, really handy to plan your work.

Link: Send Later

Markdown Here

Use markdown in the email, the news also in Thunderbird!

Link: Markdown Here

OwnCloud for filelink

Thunderbird in the event of large attachments can automatically upload the files on specific services please consider using your Nextcloud?

Link: ownCloud for filelink


Adds in the bottom bar information about the space occupied by the email in terms of MB. This way I can control how much garbage there is around.

Link: ShowFolderSize


Automatically empties the trash and compact your folders.

Link: XPunge


Summarizing the webextensions have revolutionized Firefox and integrated possibility of Firefox. So a search on I recommend it!

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