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Third year in a row for me for Fosdem and this time there were also several volunteers for Mozilla Italia!
As we see from this picture the evening at Delirium could not miss!

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The first day of the event was the richest because in addition to the stand we had available as every year the Mozilla devroom.

The Mozilla room had a nice program and, you can find various talk (and video already available).

They have already uploaded almost 400 video so you can recover by giving a glance to this material.

I have followed different talks during the day, especially that of Firefox Nightly which was very interesting because we are working hard to promote it more in Italy and we have different ideas about how to do.

I had a talk which is already available in video format:

I made a collection of photos that made me during the talk on

This is the first time I spoke in front of more than 200 people and it was interesting to review the video and see what I had been good in the same talk.

The argument has been extremely successful and we hope that extension developers increase!

The Mozilla devroom was always full and has had many peak during Rust and HTTP2 talks, maybe we need a room for Rust next year? There were plenty rustocean asking stickers.

As Mozilla Italia we could talk to the guys of the Rust meetup of Rome and evaluate some things we can do together.

I leave you a little bit of photos:

I followed a few talks because of my shifts and the fact that the rooms were full, but I followed the third talk of the community hall about mentoring that have provided me with many interesting ideas.

I could also meet other Esperantists, and for the first time I was able to speak in public.

From the point of view Mozilla Italia we have close contacts with universities to organize other events and at national level to organize things together with other communities.

The fact that many Italians allowed us to talk about our situation in open source and think on the next steps for the promotion at national level.

One of the most beautiful picture is this!


I spent a lot of time at the stand and talking to many people it is clear that the current state of open source is very uneven.

We have countries where there is a lot of attention at the public level, with many communities while in Italy the situation is different, and we need to join forces to make the right information.

Participation in this year’s was largest and shows that the situation is changing, there is need in the countries that the communities raise awareness about the potential of free software.

In Italy we have already begun to study what to do as a country to an event Fosdem like, whereas to unite the local forces such as Mozilla Italia have already begun to get to work.

One of the demands made most often was about events outside the capital, we as Mozilla Italia already follow the rule of making travelling events but not in all countries is like this.

Since many Mozilla has also been possible to chat with one of us volunteers and we have noticed that many people have no idea that there is a community in their country, this means that we get to work more.

The Mozilla Campus Club are successful but many people came to the stand were not developers or web developer then it is time to think also to those people who are not developers.

The Advocacy is required to do promotion and strengthen community-based brand and we as Italians we started with and with the privacymonth.

I also think that we need to make more mozilla centric and not Firefox the Mozilla booth. We got people asking us to projects like The Coral Project or Mozilla Science then we need participation from other realities as well as their material for the booth.

Having the vr helps bring people but also creates confusion and many people go to the stands just to the gadgets.

They also asked the shirts but Mozilla gives that at the events so we should think of the posters like: Do you want a Firefox t-shirt? ask at the booth! In this way we ask nationality and inform people of the events in that country (and why not collect email?).

Perhaps having the pins on us with various flags can help us to get in touch with the people.

Often we thought to English but the human touch has shown that giving a chance for people to find more of the same country or language destroys many barriers.

For some official metrics by Mozilla of the Fosdem, can be found here.

The #mozillians team at #fosdem2017 #mozlove

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A group photo of almost all Mozillian present at the Fosdem! We are really a lot and this is a great thing that allows us to meet people that we would never have known otherwise.

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