[Doc] How to recruit and motivate volunteers 1.1

- Coaching, Open Source, Participation

It is time for an update on my docs about Recruit new volunteers for open source communities.


  • New organization of the content
  • New 2 pages of stuff
    • Mentoring
    • Meetings
    • Motivation
  • Various updates

I am working also on my version of the SWOT system but is a working in progress (I am continue to study coaching).

I am writing the Italian version of this document with more advice for Italians but as usual is a Working in progress and is based on this document so every feedback or suggestion is appreciated.

The document get my experience as volunteering on many years in open source but also after study on coaching.

The mainly experience came from the Mozilla world and with the other Italians where I use that 😀


Good reading and don’t forget to leave feedbacks!

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