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I was also selected to participate this time in “All Hands” that took place in Hawaii.

For those who do not believe this is my face after 24 hours of flights:

And for those who have not convinced some pictures from the hotel itself

Let’s talk about what it was this All Hands, while the record of the summer edition of London can be found here.

This biannual event is a way to bring together all employees of Mozilla and some of the volunteers who for the past six months have been among the most active.

The volunteers are nominated by Mozilla employees, according to the team, to participate in this meeting and this time came under the Marketing team.

Apart from the bounce back from a trip so long that I had never done, as well as to pass for North America, the first day of the event was very important.

My notes are in no particular order of the days but for whom there is not a big problem.

Besides the usual introductory meeting of the various volunteers on the first day starts with a plenary session presenting things made and those planned in the current year and next.

The plan for 2017 is to grow as the number of users, supporters and volunteers around the world presenting the new features of Firefox and other improvements that we will see in the coming months from Quantum to new Test Pilots.

In the following days I was able to participate in many meetings of updates or plans.

I could follow the meetings of Marketing, Addons and Participation and something of Emerging Technologies.

Some links for those who want to deepen the news made public:

Other data released are purely technical about the technologies that Mozilla is working from Rust to Servo to new APIs as WebBluetooth for Firefox, I personally follow the WebMIDI ticket as years and maybe we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Open Innovation Participation Systems Team or ParSys is preparing to make for us volunteers the year 2017 a turning point for access to services and so free software, this what I like and I will continue to stay updated.

This team poses interesting questions because he asked to the volunteers what you need as services and features. A volunteer does not just need an organizational structure but also easily accessible and functional tools and in my small way I usually worried about this. Now that the team has grown in Italy I’m realizing that we need something else and take part in these meetings is to give me new ideas and suggestions on what to do.

I come home with this message that I think very well summarizes what was this All Hands:

In short once Firefox has revolutionized the world of browsers:

The situation has now changed and the next year it will work to increase the number of users of Firefox and to discover its capabilities that not everyone knows.

They were also distributed these stickers that show how Mozilla handles his money:

As volunteer I saw that we see the results, but we are not always involved in some advertising campaigns, and this is bad because it is one of the first aims of the community is the promotion in the territory, I hope that this thing changes in the coming months.

One of the news is this comic distributed to participants and as a comic book collector is now one of the most valuable pieces in my collection.

I will not talk of the evening at the Italian restaurant, the photo of the menu is enough for me to avoid any comments:

Another demonstration that there is few communication between the teams are the campaign designed and made for volunteers.

During this meeting the marketing team we were asked to put the things missing in this timeline of 2016 and the map contained only things made by Mozilla itself and which required the intervention of the community in the promotion and not to those designed for the volunteers. In fact, I gave the examples of the campaign Take Back The Web and ChangeCopyright. They are both Mozilla campaigns in which it was required the participation of people outside the foundation.

One of the meetings most important for me was the one about Firefox Nightly. You’re probably wondering why and the answer is very simple. Telemetry in Firefox is very important and we need data beyond that fans will experience new features for bug reporting, then use Firefox Nightly will be one of the flagships for the next year to promote it within the Italian community and outside.

I can afford, having participated in both the All Hands, to make a summary of my volunteer sensations of this year.

2017 is promising, it is time to return in game after Firefox OS and remind everyone what is the purpose of Mozilla, the activities of the events and how to activate the Mozilla Club and Mozilla Campus Club will help in this, and I expect that in 2017 there will be a nice program growth.

The growth plans are realistic and the community will have a big role in this except that I don’t see great communication in some teams, like I said, with the community.

The projects from the point of view of technological improving are getting a big step which electrolisys is demonstrating its great potential already now, with nightly is even better, so we can only wait and wonder it.

From a participatory view this was a fantastic year worldwide for the evolution of the student program but also for projects and how to activate the gathering that brought together the ideas and forces.

Rust from a technological point of view is showing its potential so all that remains is to see it in action in a stronger way in Firefox.

A-Frame is now the reference VR environment the problem is that it requires expensive devices to use it fully, and this limits the interest effect.

For the rest, well, I close with this image that definitely i will use in my slides:

And this one is in my room/office:

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