CodeCuriosity: Earn stickers doing Open Source on Github

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You probably never thought about: What if I can get stickers for my contributions on open source on GitHub?

Now it’s possible and in my experience I can say that is true!

CodeCuriosity is very simple, after the registration will ask you to set what is your goals every month and will track your activity.

For every commit, pull requests, issues opened or contributed you will earn different points. The site use as parameter only repo that have at least 25 stars.

In the last months this was my activities  and I received already with 100 points a pack of stickers from GitHub and now I requested another pack for other 100 points.

The projects works with coupon code on different services like GitHub or Amazon.

So why not sign in?

PS: you will receive email notifications when you earn points every month 😀

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