WordPress and Mozilla Days at Cosenza – I was there

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Thanks to Mozilla TechSpeakers program along with Eugenio we organized an event in Cosenza thanks to the availability and interest of Hacklab of Cosenza.

We decided to try a new format to promote crossing the interest in web technologies by organizing two days of WordPress and Mozilla.

We must say that the guys of the Hacklab really do it so much with the promotion and realization of exceptional promotional graphics.

I admit I was pumped to the vision of the posters for the city!

They also realized the live streaming for both days on their youtube channel and will organize various short videos with a playlist (seven hours of a complete live streaming).

For the two-day program you can find on http://hlcs.it/2016/11/02/wordpress-day-mozilla-day/.

WordPress Day

We talked about WordPress in the Talent Garden in Cosenza and we started talking about the strength of our Italian community.

Internet joined the action with a small photo montage, thanks Lucrezia.


First, it has shown that as the format WordPress theme as we have structured it works but you can improve.

Removing the part of How to Do a patch for WordPress, which does not affect most of the listeners and replacing it with something dedicated to marketing.

My talk on the REST API needs images of mobile apps that use it in the WordPress world.

The rest of the talks has been proven to work smoothly but feels it is necessary not to focus on the dev but add the marketing part and we’ll work on it.

The questions received were on technologies like VVV and tips on how best to use WordPress and rest api.

With this day we discovered the Talent Garden in Cosenza and its activities, and we hope that you can be born a WordPress meetup in Calabria.

In addition, the live streaming has been followed by several members of the Italian community and spurs us to make others based on the requests received via chat.

Mozilla Day

This time we were in the University of Cosenza where we talked about programming.


The day was full of exchanges of questions and the people were very interested in the slide about the usage of Firefox development tools.

Also this format can be improved by working on the slide dedicated to explaining what is JavaScript instead of talking for too long about open boxes and closed.

The talk about Rust instead needs to be even more simplified for certain matters with the sample code.

My initial talk of Mozilla needs to be reorganized showing what we do as a community and avoiding gigantic images.

The applications received related to where to start to work for those who wanted to help and what we do as a community.

I hope that this day has sufficiently stimulated the guys to want to create a Mozilla Club and a Mozilla Campus Club.


This type of events it needs to be repeated in other parts of Italy, streaming works and it is useful to make the promotion as a historical and demonstrate what we do.

We must also begin to write press releases so we can best describe what we are bringing to town and assess the promotion of the event on Facebook with sponsored ads.

If we talk about VR we must remember to bring the cardboard (we have it but we forget it).

For both days we had considered a moment of hacking but participants had not brought the computer or were not interested because they did not have enough knowledge to do it in live.

It proves once again that is not yet the right time to do hackaton and therefore we must take advantage of that time to propose the live coding, or other lighter arguments for not making the return from lunch one thing to be avoided because there is a lot to do.

Cosenza is a very active and actually interested in the Open Source world and we hope that with these two meetings has expanded its offerings but also found new interested people.

Bring these issues in this way it works and there is only need to improve talk and expand the outreach itself.

About HackLab Cosenza I can only say thank you for their willingness and organization that allowed us to do this event.

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