Mozilla Festival 2016 – I was there

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Also this year I gone to the Mozilla Festival but this time with other Italians, only to not feel alone!


Friday was dedicated about the prepare of the location but also to show the badge

Come back seriously, the morning there was the workshop for the facilitators that had the sessions in the next days.

In the afternoon there was the organization of the various team.

As I can see finally also us start to see around with the poster in Italian:

In the night there was the classic demo of various projects and I had the turns at the Maker Party booth with other guys.


The event started with the opening keynots and the usual big photo

Who can find me?

The first session that I followed was about how to manage remotely different spaces in a live event from the asian community. Everyone of them done a talk and organized a day about localization.

As idea is very interesting and we are evaluating how to replicate in a day for the various Italian Mozilla Club and Campus Club.

The rest of the day I used with giving an hand to the booth of Mozilla Campus Clubs

Edoardo also showed the OpenStudentBook during his session

I also got an amazing photo

I also interviewed and I said the truth as I can see in the screen!

I finished the day doing the facilitator during a session about WebExtensions

This session enabled to discover few new tricks as developer but we need to enforce few slides about the marketplace not only the technology.

In the night was Halloween so a creepy photo was on the todo list!

Also an english photo was planned


I showed my art skills, drawing a WordPress logo mirrored.

I also done promotion for my talk

My talk didn’t have a big participation (2 people) but as I could see also many other tals had the same problem. In my case was specific for the Localisation track but talk about localisation in the country of English is not so much intelligent.

As someone said is like to explain how to do a pizza to the italians.

Amine also asked me to do a motivational video as Mozilla Campus Club Regional Coordinator for his community and seems that someone liked:

THe event had also spaces for kids so was easy to find something done by them like paper brains or paper crowns.

During the day I had also the access to Mozillagram where I had the chance to share photos about our amazing Italian community!

Few photos that i got as Mozillagram

I finished the event with a photo that show my mind healthy

The sunday night showed that not only my mind healthy was finished:

A photo group as TechSpeaker cannot be miss:


As Mozilla Festival showed few sickness in the language management. As I already said but also because there was the chance to have sticker for the badge with the languages spoken.

That stickers was very small and also very uncomfortable (small), there was better to have the flag to reconize the people but for the Italian case was easy because we reconize them because they was spoken our language between them ๐Ÿ˜€

Also in the saturday there was the big affluence but not so much at the talk, my thoughts was that was a fair and not a festival.

The event was useful to meet new and old friends, also for the first time in live but also to gather experiences and feedbacks with new ideas to replicate in our community.

We have many ideas but the first step are to define the rules for our community and promote the borning of new clubs.

From the photo is difficult to understand but I met many people and talked so much.

After all is an event of mozillians ๐Ÿ˜€

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