Add a license to your Open Source software with a script

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Do you know that a project on GitHub without a license is a proprietary software?


Do you know how many repository on your profile on GitHub or BitBucket don’t have the license?

I am here to help you with a script GH-License, for the friends GitHosting-License.

That script born after an interview that I followed at Fosdem 2016 to Richard Stallman about the problem of missing license.

Use a platform to share stuff without explain the license terms is like to say my stuff are here but I have to ask to me to use it.

And developer that share publicly on git services don’t want this but we forget usually to add it because we focus on the project, next to the readme (write docs is an annoying task) and next to graphics.

Where is the license in this workflow?


The new versions of the script get the benefit of Hacktoberfest with many pull request we improved the project itself.

The GitHub repo is on but you can download the package with pip.

Initially the script support only GitHub for that reason is GH-License but now can support many other services (actually only GitHub and BitBucket) and I changed the name to GitHosting-license

The new feature respect the oldest (was only scan a repo and show the repo without a readme and add a license) now are improved.

  • Better helps
  • Progress bar
  • Generate a report file
  • New licenses
  • New commands
  • Pypi availability

On the readme you can find all the features and how to use it to scan a profile or download and commit a license to a specific project.

Open Source rocks!

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