WordCamp Milano 2016 & Linux Day Roma 2016 – I was there

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WordCamp Milano

Friday 21 hour 7:30 train by Rome to Milan with the risk of the strike but we arrived without problems at WordCamp Milano!

Eugenio and me with the classic cheers to all the friends of the italian community of WordPress but the first that we done is the training by Francesca Marano for the planning of  WordCamp.

Yes, we are working to organize a WordCamp in Rome!

The rest of the day was busy of chat with the many friends of the community about our problems and new tecnologies. Also about how to improve the participation and the organization of the community itself.

I could talk with many people from all the Italy about the Mozilla Clubs but also evangelism about Open Source.

Unluckily the time was very poor so I didn’t have the chance to code or participate to the contributor tables (very amazing):

A photo with many intelligence:

I can saw many peple works for the first time with translations or theme review this show how as community we grow (ps friday was the contributor day)!

I shared many Firefox gadget obviously else I can create a group of Mozilla volunteers in Milan?

Linux Day 2016

This year they came back to Lug Roma 2, however Having not managed to organize I have not held talk but I just chatted with many people. When I chatted and many people means really many people.

As in the photo I chatted with the Italian Wikipedians for the ChangeCopyright campaign that follows the trail of what they do every year to fight copyright.

Also I could also talk to Michel Murabito which is Google Community Manager for Italy and follows the Google Developer Group.

Also I could meet Mr. Alessandro Rubini (given the role it plays :-D) who is Vice President of FSFE and chat about ConfSL.

The commissioner Flavia Marzano has made a visit to Linux Day and I could talk only about 20 seconds.

I could do promotion for the event that I will make this Friday in Rome involving people present.

Here also I spread the word about the Mozilla Campus Club and I hope to continue with this voice shedding everywhere I go.

Needless to say I ended the gadgets that I had with me.

The event itself was interesting because there were a lot of track simultaneously because of the participation of the GDG with many people.

This proves once again that joining forces as a particular area allows us to do spectacular things and I want to continue on this path!

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