Emoji on Firefox in Linux

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

The web is amazing and everyday there are new technologies that change that world.

Emoji are one of them but why?

I was one that grow with smiley like 🙂 and next moved to emoticon but now Emoji are the new standard that creates problem on many devices and operative systems.

Create problems because not all the system can reconize that a symbol like 🇮🇹 is a character and not an image.

Emoji are a new set of character in the Unicode standard for fonts that add officially new symbols for all the platforms that in the past was the emoticon.

As I said they are character so to see them as really you need to have the font that support them in your system else you will see only a strange character.

So to see them usually the website have some scripts that convert them as image or load new font but not all the website do it this and also all the softwares.

At the same time a font is a black&white system so because it is a font reconize an image can be difficult.

But there is a simple way to have the emoji support on your system.

This repo contain a new font that have 2 behaviour, for the softwares like Firefox you will have emoji with colors for others that not support that you will have the usual character but on a black&white way.

This is one of the fonts that can do this but it is the best ones and work perfectly on Linux.

The tutorial said to install unifont on debian but in that way you will have a black&white font so I suggest to install the font moving the font in the folder of your system (In KDE it’s very easy when you see the preview of the font with an install button).

So are you ready to get emoji everywhere?

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Emoji on Firefox in Linux

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