[Doc] How to recruit and motivate new volunteers

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This time I want to talk to you about something completely different as usually saw on this website.

I am working so much on Participation in open source especially in Mozilla Italia about recruit, activities and help new volunteers to join the community.

Recently I am working on the Reps Regional Coaches initiative as owner for the Mozilla Participation Team and after reading of the book “Tao of Coaching” (suggested if you are interested in coaching) I wanted to write my notes about it.

About what?

About how to recruit and motivate new volunteers for the open source communities based on my yearly experience!

It’s only a google document with many informations that can be helpful to you to see my approach and my point of view of the new people.

Actually are 7 pages about: First & second chat, (type of) Activities, Motivate, Communication channels and Manage a meeting.

All the document is focused for the target of a new volunteer and I am open for suggestion but don’t forget, as written in the doc, this contain my point of view and my personal approach, that it is working in Italy and with the people with I am talking.

This is a general view, not focused only on Mozilla stuff but also on my experience in other communities like WordPress and WIkiToLearn.

It’s full of tips and tricks to improve the participation and also the organization of a community.

It’s obviously a work in progress and to get updates you can follow that link.

Few notes about Coaching: Coaching it’s a term used usually in corporation about the improvement of the process in a company with the help of the others coworker. There are many ways and there is so much material online about it nut the Coaching can be used in a community, because we are a team of people that work together not to get money but for a purpose that it’s so much important.
Initially for me was like “boring stuff”, don’t forget that I am a developer and linux user, so for me everything about marketing and psychology is boring or useless. For the Participation they are very important and can be very simple and not boring because you have experience on coaching without know nothing about that.

My doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kg7CxZIyebsXEjXWxGKxov84NWgEm-eQ8FFFWC2AsJk/edit

Other good readings about that topic:

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