What I want to do at Mozilla London All Hands

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First of all what is a Mozilla All Hands?

All Hands are a unique and special opportunity for all paid staff and our most impactful volunteers to come together, in person, to share experiences and interact with people they may not normally work with (or just see over Vidyo). Given our size, work weeks are a key differentiator for us (larger organizations just can’t do this sort of thing in a meaningful way). Being able to come together as a whole organization, 2x each year, exposes each of us to interactions that may spark new ideas and/or lead to new solutions. They are a core part of our annual planning process.

From https://wiki.mozilla.org/All_Hands

So I was selected to participated to that event that in few word is a work week about Mozilla stuff.

mozlondonParticipation Team

participationI am part of the Participation Team for that event, this is an amazing chance to study and improve the Reps Next plan.

I was involved in many meeting about the next generation of the Mozilla Representative in the last months about reporting, mentoring, new portal, regional groups, accountability, leadership, involvement, specializations, alignment etc.

Recently I am also the owner of Set up a regional mobilizer group to create a group of Regional Coach for the Reps program.

I am also a Local Coach in Italy for the Campus Campaign: Take back the web and we have few meetings also about how to improve the campus campaign.

I have a little presentation about the Italian campaign and I am a little proud of the events that we have done also with the FSAs.

In this period in Italy with the help of Edoardo Viola we are working so much in recruiting and mentoring of the Italian FSAs so we have many requests and ideas about the improvements of the campaign and also of the campaign.

Addons Team

As TechSpeakers and mentor I am involved in the promotion of WebExtensions.

Also in Italy we have a plan to teach to the Italian FSA how to develop Firefox and Chrome extensions so I am involved also in few meetings of this team.

I am so curious about the future of the WebExtensions! I hope so much an ETA for the devpanel support.

Ref: http://mte90.github.io/Talk-WebExt/


An event like this will means many many mozillians so many friends. If I start with a list of names I am afraid to forgot few names so no list of names but a photo of the last Mozilla Festival is better.


In the program there are many meeting about hacking like Dev Tools, Janitor, MozReview and other stuff.


There are many meeting or talks/demos about Go Faster, Tofino, Porting B2G, Developer Productivity Hacks, FlyWeb and many others.

See you at London!

PS: It is the first All hands for me!

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