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The last week has been very challenging from the point of view of the activities.

We start from the program as you can see did not allow the possibility of doubling and participate in many activities at the same time even if one wanted to do it.

Seriously, what I wanted to do I have already spoken here so let’s see what I did instead.

Monday 13
Arriving in London with Alessio that I could finally meet after many chats on Telegram about the Italian community.

With this meeting I realized to the course of the event: meeting a lot of people with which you could just talk via email or chat, or in a video meeting.

I arrived in London at the Hilton Metropole and at same evening there was the welcome party:

Where I could get me a picture with the fox

It must be said that my friends have commented on the photo as teasing

“If you publish that photo, the people don’t understand what is the strange things near at of Scasciafratte”

“I have few doubts about the things near of a Scasciafratte”

Apart from that, dinner has been important because I could finally meet the various employees of Mozilla that are Italian and be able to exchange a few words about my different ideas.

Also I could meet again old friends and many new ones.

Apparently my mustache are easy to recognize in the middle of all those people.

Tuesday 14

I started the week getting the welcome gadgets including this beautiful t-shirt:

The week has started with a plenary meeting

Which is started with a piece of music

Needless to say, as a Doctor Who fan this intro has been crazy and I’m sorry that I have not turned the phone when shooting :-/

The meeting took the stage, the Governing trio of Mozilla namely: Mark Surman, Chris Beard and Mitchell Baker.

Needless to say, they have made their appearance from the Tardis.

The event brought in 1317 mozillians including 110 volunteers (including me) to participate in this work week.

The meeting has ended with a speech by the person who brought the rebirth Doctor Who ten years ago

After this introduction have begun to appear these

All this in the morning so then I headed to the Hilton Paddington where the Participation Team had all meetings during the week.

Upon arriving I participated in the trial presentation of the campaign Take Back The Web where I participated as Local Coach for Benevento and Cagliari.

Presentation time is 10 minutes on 5 expected and I had to cut it by eliminating the part history of the two teams and their background, in my opinion however very important to see the differences and better analyze the results.

Soon after we had a meeting of all the Participation Team in which we could follow a summary of the activities in recent months and a small meeting with Chris Beard:

So it is passed to the presentation by the 4 Local Coach of the campaign that me for Italy, followed by India, Taiwan and the USA.

The afternoon has ended with a small meeting with the reps to talk about RepsNext.

This meeting has shown that not all reps are updated with what was done with RepsNext and this is not good.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around London

Or in search of the other

But it is done with a dinner at an Italian restaurant

Bring an Italian eating Italian always sounds strange why I spent all the time talking in Italian.

The return to the hotel allowed me to make me a picture with the Tardis:

Wednesday 15

I was able to participate for 45 minutes to an addon team meeting which presented the various news of WebExtension, different data about addon reviews and on the platform itself very interesting.

I had to move to another hotel to attend two sessions dedicated to Reps program:

As photos we began to brainstorm about the program and to Reps mozillian.

I regret is not being able to attend the meeting of Rust but I’ll try to recover somewhat.

In the evening I finally received the TechSpeakers program hoodie that is now part of my collection!

The evening for me it is completed at the pub together with the Addon Team with another tour of London.

Thursday 16

Thursday I did not participate in the activities of the Participation Team, but I followed the addon Team.

I was able to attend a meeting dedicated on how to improve the participation of volunteers and about the future for APIs.

For lunch instead I had a meeting with the various members of TechSpeakers program

I followed a meeting dedicated to the Firefox Test Pilot program, who explained how the feedback collection system, decision-making and also the next experiments available.

The afternoon is concluded with the presentation “Why do people volunteer for open source projects? – A short intro to the Contributor Research.”

This presentation is amazing for the details of the data analyzed based on 29 mozillians from around the world.

The funny part is that I am one of those, and I forgot I had this interview with the previous Mozilla Festival.

If you are interested in understanding why volunteers participate and how to involve them in your reading activities on

Unfortunately I missed the meeting dedicated to the TechSpeakers:

The evening instead I passed again with the Participation Team in a local Portuguese restaurant chatting.

One of the things I have highlighted is that the teams talk of improving the involvement without contact the Participation Team, it is so hard to follow the various activities that may be of interest to the various volunteers.

Simplifying communication problems between the various teams.

Friday 17

The last day I popped in a moment of the dev tools hacking and then reunited with the Participation Team with the last sprint.

We’ve gone to many post it notes scattered, to post it wisely placed in a timeline and then make a storyboard:

As you can see from my artistic ability it seems bullshit, in reality it is a condensed analysis of how to make an event that brings greater involvement of new volunteers.

In order to create this storyboard we discussed all morning on the key issues and processes that lead to an event.

This is the shirt on Friday while around me was filled with Mac users.

In the afternoon I attended a meeting of questions and answers about the Mozilla Festival that there will be in October in London open to all.

Immediately after the Participation Team has prepared cartels with the summary of the week, and Mitchell Baker is coming to look around.

The evening is completed by the party in steam-punk style


During the several days I started writing a document with all the things to do on my return, and for the next few months for the Italian community, arriving at a list of three pages that I started to turn tasks on Trello.

We can say that meeting all these people, participate in these meetings offered me different ideas and activities that I have to look into.

I also discovered that I speak too fast also in English, it means that I have to work on to improve from this point of view.

Participating in various meetings I found several projects in which to evaluate a collaboration as developer in my free time that I have to go deep in.

One of my first expectations to participate also in development activities is skipped because of my commitments and the arrangement of several hotels.

Perhaps it would be better to make a day dedicated to the participation and one for development to bring together both sides and follow and help in both.

One of the things that I not liked concerns the Reps Design Sprints, I thought were meeting to talk with other live about RepsNext but it did not happen.

Instead, we analyzed several processes regarding volunteers while I was hoping there were moments dedicated to what we’re doing for months with RepsNext.

We will see how it will evolve in the coming months the question.

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