Take back the Web Campaign in Italy – 2 week

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

tbtwThis week we started with the organization of the workshops in Benevento and Cagliari!

Actually in Benevento:

  • 27 May will be a workshop in the organization phase
  • Few professors sponsor the event
  • In this event will be a talk about security by the expert of the university
  • Sponsorship by Rotaract
  • Working in progress about the social promotion

Furthermore I will come to Benevento as speaker for the workshop for the development part about Firefox and extensions.

In Cagliari:

  • Few professors sponsor the event
  • The workshop date is not yet defined
  • Translation of the stuff of the campaign

Actually both the groups are studying, reorganizaing and creating new wotkshop with the stuff proposed by Mozilla because they are not so much interesting from technical side or catchy.

In the Italian universitary context organize events with this type of stuff does not bring so much involvement or participation, infact they are adapt for a public of elementary school or high school.

The universitary students need to be stimulated because their participation in this type of event it is in their freetime so they need to be useful for their future, so a pure event of awareness doesn’t work. This also in case of topics that involve everyone but for IT topic this stuff are very ignored in Italy.

For that reason i started to an protoype extension for Firefox and Chrome to show how many external resources are loaded in the page. Actually it is not yer ready because I have some problems with the communications between Iframe and page but I hope to fix in the next week so both they team can use it.

See you the next week with other details about workshop and of their agenda!

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    1. Non è una questione di stimare il proprio paese è una questione di studiare i problemi per poter migliorare la situazione attuale.

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Take back the Web Campaign in Italy – 2 week

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