Take back the Web Campaign in Italy – 1 week

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As the picture (click it to go to the official website) the campaign Take back the web is dedicated to safety and the knowledge of our data distributed over the web.

It is a new way for Mozilla to make a campaign globally and we Italians could not miss that!

This campaign was opened to universities as organizers team and experienced people as Local Coach to help them.

I’m running as Local Coach and now I direct two Italian teams, which makes me even more happy because not all local coaches have teams of their own country.

The two teams relate Benevento and Cagliari!

This week I had meetings with them where I presented the different workshops that they can choose what to do for the next week and given some advice.

The two teams are different from each other but both have one thing in common, they are both FSA or Firefox Student Ambassador.

In a few words that college students are part of a comprehensive program organized by Mozilla which is intended to promote a free and open web according to the Mozilla manifesto.

At the same time these days view this presence and the reorganization that we are making direct FSA by the Regional Lead Ambassador Edoardo Viola we are working to improve the program in Italy.

The organization of autonomous local events, training between us and much more!

I said that the two teams are different, but not because they are in two different places in the country but because the sensitivity is different in the two territories. In Cagliari there are about 12 FSA that for nearly a year they organize events so they’re a good team while in Benevento is being born thanks to this campaign.

But all this does not frighten us because these are the cases where the union is strength and we be able to have good results!

Do you want to know the chosen workshop? We’ll find out next week when the teams will have thoroughly studied the various options and how to use them in the best according to their interests, ability and knowledge of the territory.

The participants to the events during the campaign (not just the organizers) will have a certificate by Mozilla for their participation.

For the moment there are no other updates, so I hope to continue with this reports for the next 5-6 weeks when it will end the campaign.

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