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Last week I can attend that event of Take Back The Web I mentioned in the last weeks.

This campaign is globally organized by Mozilla in universities and also in Italy in Benevento and Cagliari.

I am the Local Coach for both teams so I follow them and help them in the organization and review of the material.

Benevento is easy to reach for me from Rieti so I jumped in the sannio as a speaker and to meet the guys.

A wonderful t-shirt for the Italian FSA!
A wonderful t-shirt for the Italian FSA!
The agenda (in Italian):

Gli FSA di Benevento e il local coach, Daniele Scasciafratte, portano a Benevento l’evento sponsorizzato da Mozilla: Take Back The Web.

Il Giorno 27 Maggio dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 13:00 in aula G11 al palazzo Giannone presso l’Università degli Studi del Sannio in piazza Roma.

La campagna Take Back The Web recita:
“We live so much of our lives online, but we don’t always know what happens to the data we share or whose hands it ends up in. In order to have meaningful control of our online lives we have to understand our choices.
You have the power to take back control of your data, but we need a community to take back the Web.”

L’evento sarà così composto:

Presentazione degli FSA
Chi sono gli FSA (Firefox Student Ambassadors):

Presentazione Campagna Take Back The Web
Qui il link ufficiale alla campagna mozilla:

Change Behaviour
Network Security Workshop: si discuterà di sicurezza secondo le linee guida di Mozilla

“Abusing web Intelligence in the Information Age: Data Secrecy and Openness”
A cura dell’ Ing. Antonio Pirozzi co-founder ISWATlab

Scavenger Hunt
Privacy e Security: dibattito tra gli FSA ed i partecipanti

Come creare una estensione per firefox
A cura di Daniele Scasciafratte – Mozilla Reps

A tutti i partecipanti verrà rilasciato un certificato Mozilla che attesta la partecipazione.
Prerequisiti: Un portatile, un editor di testo.

L’evento ha il patrocinio del Rotaract Club Benevento

Come back to the agenda!

We decided to include an introduction to Mozilla, also to encourage in recruiting new FSAs, I held myself with Giovanni who acted as my clicker (I forgot it -.-‘).


Giovanni kicked off instead to the theme of the event by raising awareness about the privacy and security of our data on the internet.

But first he presented the FSA program to come up with the slides of FSAItaly.

He used tennis balls because this intervention was a question and answer to the public so who had the ball he had to answer.

This intervention has been reformulated, as well as translated, compared to the version proposed by the campaign to make it more engaging and simple.


The third intervention instead was the most interesting from my point of view because it was presented by one of the graduate assistants that takes care of seminars on information security.

So it is passed by OSINT techniques, privacy, information gathering and tracking data also using the command line with Kali Linux.

As talk it was very advanced but also demonstrated to the participants, with no IT skills, how easy it is to find and collect information on the network using the internet sites like 123people or pipl.


Later Cesco has provided several examples of how we users without think supply our personal data to websites and how security is important.

The final talk was mine about Firefox and WebExtension where I showed the prototype How Many Resources.


The event is finished with a nice group photo of the speakers and organizers.


I congratulate to the boys for the promotion in the territory, for the involvement of universities and for showing that just the desire to do to organize an event in less than three weeks.

For some guys this was the first event organizers as well as a speaker but have shown to handle it.

In addition, the event had the opportunity to have a certificate from Mozilla for the participation, through these request we have reached a number of 60 interested.

Since the event was only in the morning it has ended to the restaurant:

A detail at the end of the day there were 2 new FSA in Benevento just showing that we did a great job.

In fact, we are working to create a Firefox Club right in Benevento where the staff organizes periodical meetings, also about programming, and the involvement of this school suggests different activities we can do.

If you are in Benevento so do not miss this chance, put a like on FSA Benevento to get in touch with the local team.

Video interview (in Italian): http://www.ntr24.tv/2016/05/27/unisannio-a-benevento-gli-esperti-di-firefox-per-discutere-di-privacy-e-web/
Video Interview with english subtitles: https://amara.org/it/videos/BBB5GvKYZuXJ/info/wwwntr24tvunisannio_gli_esperti_di_firefoscutono_di_privacy_e_web_webmp4_1/
Official Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/135182404@N03/albums/72157666486820884
Other albums: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153887800643423.1073741905.342593423422
Is now the turn of Cagliari where, however, I can not go for reasons of remoteness 🙁

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