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This month other the Zurich event of few weeks ago, i participated to the Open Source Conference Albania.

It has demonstrated one of the best in which I participated for the diverse number of topics related to open source neither too technical nor too simple.

Furthermore, the organization has been fantastic Whereas it is run by kids younger than me and they found 50 speakers of which are international half.

Let’s step back a little!

13227172_10154236227307848_3225116328922700902_nFrom left Eugenio, Jona, Daniele (me) and Gabriele just arrived in Tirana Airport.

We arrived from Rome all three and I’m glad to have convinced Eugenio and Gabriele to participate as speakers.

I had two talk “How to do a patch for WordPress” e “Firefox and WebExtensions” while Eugenio a talk about the future of WordPress and Gabriele one about Cordova.

The evening of our arrival, the day before, we went along with all the speakers and knowing the different guys of the Hackerspace of Tirana who are the organizers of this event.

I invite you to watch the agenda to get you gnaw how many interesting things you missed.

The city of Tirana is very small indeed we were moving by themselves without problems in the green and it must be said also cool.

The first day can be recapped with this group photo with speakers, organizers and participants:

I had my talk at the beginning so my face was:

With a shirt perfect for the talk!

After my talk I followed the talk of William Quiviger where I took lots of notes.

In the evening we closed with a Mozilla meetup:

The meetup was very interesting to discuss the Reps program and the community problems.

I’ve got to update these RepsNext the program and highlight the problems in the community by Mozilla management.

The first evening is over all together at the restaurant and then to a pub where we could know each other talking about non-opensource stuff.

The second day was Firefox style men:

I started the day with a talk by Riccardo:

The fourth Italian at the event which presented the WikiToLearn project which is also the founder.

In the days of the Oscal we got to talk a lot about how to join forces with Mozilla about the Web Literacy plan. We also discussed how to improve the participation and promotion of this project was also presented at CERN.

It is also a KDE developer so I could not resist to make a new friend 😀

Then with Eugenio we locked in the talk session about marketing and business with Open Source.

This is because both as Vice President of Industria Italiana del Software Libero and also for my work I needed a full immersion since I am programmer.

I also followed the talk of the fifth Italian, the legendary Italo Vignoli.

Towards the end of the afternoon was the turn of Mozilla Tech Speakers with me, Gabriel and Alex.

The first was Gabriel with a talk on WebRTC:

Followed by Me

I think that this talk has been one of my best performances, thanks to the public that was already skilled in JavaScript.

Then was the turn of Alex with a talk on Firefox DevTools:

The event is finished with a photo of Italian and not

13220548_1052144251522907_2946289893240907469_oThe evening however was longer because we went to a restaurant, Brauhaus (a name I will not forget), where we could keep talking and eating very well.


I came home with a lots of notes and ideas to continue with my professional work but also as a volunteer.

I met many boys and volunteers who want to discover and activate the WordPress world, and I could share different tips.

The thing that I liked most was the informality and the fact that an event with this public has been organized by young guys.

The topics so varied and the place “navigable” between one room and the others has made me realize how FOSDEM is chaotic in comparison (and I must say even more given that gets cold in January).

The food question however as ITALIAN invites me to go back because finally a place abroad where you eat very well.

The first sticking point was the second day (Sunday) where there was a very low participation than the day before, a fact that the organizers will have to analyse.

The second sticking point is that I made the photo above with too many Fedora users. I use Debian, and I’m proud it!

One thing that struck me is that the guys speak English and an Italian best of my own in many cases. This fact shows how much we Italians do not give weight to the fact of studying other languages in a complete and usable outside the school.

The demonstration of this problem is that they asked me what events there are in Italy about opensource, the problem was responding that they are only in Italian and as a national level there is only the ConfSL (we are still finishing to organize).

In a few words now become a regular event for me.

PS: On chapter WIkiToLearn after this event we have kept in contact and began to study participation with Mozilla for this project. June 8 and 9 we will have a Participation Sprint to Milan to study their participation and promotion of the project.

Oscal see you next year!

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