WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 1.2.0

Questo articolo รจ stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

Finally a new major version of the boilerplate that in meanwhile scored 70 star on GitHub, for me is an important reward for my work.

I was think about an announcement in the last news about the stability of the boilerplate but in the last month I thinked about the organization of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate.

So the new release contain an improved organization and code moved to specific files to improve the readability and working.


  • Added Unit test
  • Added example for transient with external request
  • Improved PHPDoc comment
  • Improved code for shortcode and filter
  • Fixed Apigen and git hook
  • Moved code in class-admin-plugin-name.php in dedicated files
  • Moved activaction and deactivation on specific file in public/includes
  • Moved help-docs in admin/includes

The interesting part is the Apigen generation that didn’t work from 6-7 months so I updated the command and now is perfect, look on that.

I added the Unit test files and improved some snippet and the PHPDoc comments that in some cases are not updated or wrong.

For the Yeoman generator I improved the detection on OSX system of sed/gnused to use the correct behaviour in that system.

See you the next time!

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