WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 1.1.7

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Happy new year WordPress developers!


The new release is very important because contain 2 releases, the 1.1.6 was a ghost that was not officially released.

The changelog for 1.1.6 and 1.1.7:


  • Support for email template with language detection
  • Added CMB2 Google Maps field
  • Added Freemius SDK
  • Added WP Background Processing
  • Added CoffeeScript files and Grunt configuration
  • Removed CMB2 Shortcode
  • Fix in admin settings CSS
  • Improved uninstall.php page


  • New Debug system for Debug Bar
  • Support for activity dashboard widget
  • New fields for Widgets Helper Class by riesurya
  • Added CronPlus
  • CPT_Columns support the sort for custom_value
  • Update instructions for PHP CompatInfo 4.x

That release contain interesting stuff, integration of new libraries, code improvements of the boilerplate and other stuff.

Now the boilerplate support also CoffeeScript (that is not mandatory) and have a new Debug Bar panel support and support for the new major release of PHP CompatInfo.

The uninstall.php file contain more examples and there is a new function to load template files for email that support multilanguage files (check on the wiki).

The wiki is updated and the Useful resources page contain many articles.

I think that is a LTS release for the many improvements and new features.

The Yeoman generator have many improvement!

Now for the cleaning/remove of code lines use a system based on row lines without a search and remove system. In this way is more faster and secure that is works without problems that sometimes can happen.

Obviously support the 1.1.7 release and code cleaning and improvements.

What will be the next features of the boilerplate? Probably examples for the Rest API when will be integrated completely on WordPress.

Check the wiki and readme of the generator to discover the plugin created with that boilerplate. I hope that is a complete list but I do that searching on github or from personal contact.

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