Why I live/do with open?

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Why I live/do with open? – 2017 edition is available!

Yes do and live in open source but not because doing the developer I do not have many chances to do without it.

I really like the open source philosophy because it is a “quid pro quo” that I give and you give me no constraints.

I in this case I call civic education because from childhood we are taught to do our best to help others from the classic throw waste paper in the bucket or not to get junk on the ground. In this case, we are doing a favour to the community rather we are behaving in a civic.

The Italians are famous for being the ones who complain, old mentality, that they are unwilling to work hard to change things while just a small gesture disinterested.

In computers with open source it does the same for others from the classical localization or fundamental user support, programming heart of the project and promotion that is the lifeblood of the same and do not forget the common life with their passions and knowledge to the benefit of all with the tank which is the community.

I like to work with open source is not for the gratification of having your name on a monument:

monumentoOr to appear in a long list of names as contributor or as associate, for the badge in the profile or to show a curriculum.

Obvious that gratifies me to think that someone wanted to put my name to thank me for what I did otherwise I would be a hypocrite!

But the thing is that I contribute because I can do it because I like it, because I can help someone else with what little I do.

Why open source it is not something to do on the computer but a philosophy of life in which they exchange their knowledge and receive it from others.

This means being virtuous but also open their minds to learn and never stop to improve together.

10475089_1660665884218312_428546930_nThe Mozilla Festival in London in 2015 there has been asked to us Participation Leader (this is another story) to draw what it means for us Mozilla but I wanted to expand the concept to the way I see open source.

How many things I learned, how many things I can show off my resume, how many things I discovered and how many new friends I met indeed many international friends now me company on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram.

Do their part is important and in this world who do not understand the direction in which it moves to contribute changes things.

To be told by boys or other people “I want to do what you do” not only in the workplace but also as a person is a great achievement that we can all get. It means that your message “change the world”, not as the Miss Galaxy Ehr no was Earth was no indeed universe, someone has seen him.

You can take this message as a call to arms but I would say more a call to conscience rather to his desire to do something by providing your time and skills.

For example I take care of open source in computer science because it is my daily bread as a programmer but there are many who pool their quality as retaker.

The retaker are groups of citizens who become active in combating the deterioration of enhancing the common good angling to cleaning the ugly graffiti from buildings, from the annoying posters and so on when the public good does not. I do not live in Rome but I often travel because I working in that city and I can only support their campaign following them on social and commenting on the various photos. My small contribution is to thank for what they do and have the awards to tell you “you’re doing well and you have to continue”.

contributeThere are ways and ways to thank but I like it not just because it is impersonal, we see it on Facebook with the campaigns “Do the like and share!!11!!111” about activities for the common good that do not change anything.
Put his face as retaker (which are often also insulted on the internet) or like me that turn Italy promoting open source means believe.

In a nutshell this means get busy and keep learning!

This article is born of inspiration from this screen in an exchange with a lady and Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator.

1507171_10153286722806272_1595262225310198688_nEmphasizes why do the criticizing is simple but it does not help anyone if it is not constructive. Especially if it is to live off of someone that things made them.

Of course we are talking about doing the nerd, and I when I think of the term nerd I think the movie Revenge of the nerd who is completely different from what we understand it today.

Today the meaning has changed a lot but for me it is what the enthusiast who wants to discover and learn later from his manias (in my case the collecting comics) too much emphasized. Because there is no genius without madness remember that!

As the Hacker that thanks to the media is seen as a criminal while the meaning is the most beautiful and inspiring that there may be!

I will always remember the phrase of the Italian magazine Hacker Journal (now no more published):

Person who enjoys exploring the details of programming systems and how to expand their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary.

Leaving aside the part of the programming is a hacker discover what he likes but exchanging his knowledge.

We can easily see it in Italy with the makers who are changing the way you feel electronics as something attainable and doable.

A fact of the exchange knowledge is a very noble concept and that perhaps is ingrained in me because of my Catholic faith.
Because there is also a concept of “do not do to others what you would not want done to you“, of course it is a point of contact very weak but the concept is shared by anyone without problems.

In conclusion this is my philosophy of life, and yours?

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