DaTask 1.1.0 – BadgeOS and API Rest v2

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First post of the new year is dedicated to the new major release of DaTask.

DaTask is a plugin for WordPress for a task management system inspired on OneAndDone.

The Changelog for that release include many things:

  • [Add] New shortcode [datask-badge]
  • [Add] Support in readonly for WP REST API v2
  • [Add] Custom Taxonomies slug settings
  • [Add] Save the date of done/later task
  • [Add] Report page for admin with stats and exporter
  • [Add] Feed RSS of the user activities
  • [Improvement] Required task now are marked in frontend if done in task
  • [BugFix] Improved inline documentation!
  • [BugFix] Improved internal WP_Query

The more cool features (for me) are the WP Rest API v2 support in readonly and the BadgeOS support.

With BadgeOS is possible now automatically assign a badge to the user and with that support use all the features of that plugin like the sharing on social networks.

Also in the administration is possible see an internal statistics system with a CSV exporter, set a custom slug for the taxonomies and the RSS feed of the activity of the user.

The other features of DaTask is the login frontend system, the AJAX search, Bootstrap support and template customization.

Demo site:

For a real site that use that (in Italian):

See you next time!

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