Awesome WordPress Developer Tips

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A new project is escaped from my mind and is landed with the others on GitHub.

The mainly projects that I create are born from my personal needs.

When I develop a WordPress project I usually focus all the UX part that the user can interact based on the mission of the plugin.

The next step is search how to that and in the mainly case there is no a library because is required to hook one action.

In that phase there is the Indiana Jones part because in the 80% of cases there is no example documentation so I look in other plugin.

Search everytime can be useless so inspired from the awesomes list I have written a list of Awesome WordPress Developer Tips.

That list contain reference to plugin that have a specific feature, in this way is possible study a real case and see how the other developers have used that.

This list not contain tutorial but only real code of plugins or snippet.

Take a look and see you again!

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