What Open Source software using Mozilla?

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Last week, Mozilla has released the first projects that have received funding through the MOSS – Mozilla Open Source Support. Mozilla uses many open source software and has therefore decided to create this program that I now try to explain better, showing also the first prize but also other software used (in addition to some statistics). This program is designed to reward open source projects by giving them a total of one million dollars and in the first part of it was donated half.

Let’s look at these projects:

  • BuildBot with $ 15,000 that is used for the automation of compilations of various software. Detail to note Their award will be used to remove the term “slave” from all documentation“. To remind us that Mozilla does not deal only development but also equality between people.
  • CodeMirror $ 20,000 is an editor for programming versatile and powerful used in Dev Tools in Firefox and Mozilla Thimble. Their prize will be used to improve support rtl (right-to-left languages) and improve it.
  • Discourse with $ 25,000 is a forum software very advanced and easy to use used by Mozilla in the various communities. Their prize will be used to add support for email responses and replacement/improvement of the mailing list system.
  • Read The Docs with $ 48,000 is a site for the creation of sites that generated the project documentation by the Code or by specific texts. It is used in many web projects Mozilla and I can assure you that save lives. The award will be used to generate documentation from the program without installing allowing the easy creation of documentation for complex projects.
  • Mercurial with $ 75,000 that is a system for distributed management of the code used for years by Mozilla for various repositories (before git exist mercurial and subversion). The award will be used to improve the software and the web interface.
  • Django with $ 150,000 is a web framework for Python used in many sites of Mozilla. The award will be used to achieve a better backend that use the latest innovations such as HTML5 web sockets.
  • Bro with $ 200,000 is a software for network monitoring used by Mozilla in security. The award will be used to create a repository for the modules and plugins for Bro.

With these projects we arrive at the figure of $ 503,000 but we see a moment what other software are used in Mozilla. For this program was made a list (incomplete) with various open source software used so let’s summarize with the most famous:

Angular.JS for some web interfaces, Apache for many sites, BugZilla made by Mozilla for the same ticket management, Clang/LLVM used in EmScripten, Debian for development, Docker for the management of multiple servers, Etherpad to build shared documents, Linux because is the kernel of Firefox OS, Mailman for mailing lists,  MediaWiki for the internal wiki, MySQL in many sites, OwnCloud for hosting by the community, Travis for automated testing, Vagrant fordevelopment and WordPress used in blogs.

Obviously the list is much longer and can be found here.

We’re not done because the author of Libraries.io conducted an analysis of the various Mozilla projects available on GitHub providing additional information. Libraries.io is a project that tracks the software used by the various projects to find the most reliable. In this analysis it has identified between 28 organizations on GitHub Mozilla (example: MDN, B2G for Firefox OS etc.) that come together to the number of 1,429 repository excluding fork. A good number considering that projects implemented by employees are not included!

Libraries.io scans the files of references of the packager manager used in various projects to determine the various dependencies, it found that 528 repositories have these files reaching the number of 8697 dependencies. Without entering into the technicalities and the details of the dependencies the most used is Mocha for testing of the software in NodeJS and various software for the automation of compilation. As analysis is very useful to understand and discover new interesting projects to developers but also to see how wide is the range of a foundation and of a community such as Mozilla.

What are the next projects to receive funding? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

Discover the various projects that use Mozilla and financing stimulated me to try and abandon others.

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