Open Source Day 2015 at Udine – I was there

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Also this year the presence Mozilla was in Udine for the Open Source Day but I was not alone!

Like last year, I went with Eugenio (he for the WordPress community) and in over to the problems with the train strikes was a way to discuss the Mozilla community with others, but now we get there.

As you can see from the program (in Italian) it was very wide and saw me engaged in the 3 talks in the morning. You may notice that I was not alone as a speaker for the Mozilla community in fact I was with Niccoló, co-founder of Firefox Club of Milan, and Edoardo.

We managed together during the day our large stand (here under construction)!

Attend this event was useful because we were together!
I was not alone as other past events also with a booth that happens rarely.

We are together allowed us to talk about our community, of our problems, things to do, but also to hear as people walked about their questions.

We start from the most common questions people:

  • What is B2Droid
  • What is a cardboard
  • What is the Virtual Reality
  • What Firefox OS
  • Where buy Firefox OS
  • Where find
  • In Italy exist
  • What is WebCompat

B2Droid is a project to try Firefox OS on your Android that has been presented here.

While the question of virtual reality and cardboard has shown that no matter how famous outside of the IT fans are unknown.

About Firefox OS I’ve talked plenty, and where you can buy demonstrates the lack of information about it.

For WebCompat instead it was an experiment to promote, about this activity that Italian community as we are doing, it is a project of collection sites and reports of malfunctions across browsers. At the moment we are focusing on the family of the Mozilla browsers.

All these questions have shown that if this year we brought the posters of past events we need information materials. It seems that people do not know much of the world Mozilla and that means we have to do even more.

WebCompat poster in Italian.

The event involved many people as we, infact there was the Italian community of Ubuntu and Postgres and various local associations.

The problem for me is not been the widespread availability of talk, infact, as I always say this is the Italian event more interesting from this point of view on many subjects that ranged from cyber security, to 3D, the web and the making and other.

The problem was the attendees.

In addition to a foreign presence, I think German or Slovenian given the position of Udine who did not know about the German community, the problem was the public in the morning.
School groups of students who that we have worked hard during the morning but in the afternoon were virtually disappeared.

Then the number would change radically and interested to talk came down drastically in the afternoon.

Perhaps students have participated in various talk only to spend the morning else have been kept in the afternoon.

But I could see faces interested during the various talks and also get a few questions during the talk.

At the same time this student participation gave us some ideas to improve their involvement to create activities that may be of interest for there.

There were the usual technical problems due to the internet that required the password of students (the event was in an university) so we unfortunately could get to try the demo cardboard.

Participation in the challenge of Webcompat has been really minimal below expectations unfortunately. The participants themselves are in fact not even gone to get the prize.

All this shows that if you participate in the edition of next year we will have to radically change our program to involve the participants in the morning with activities for students.

Organize events or activities for high school students Italian is something that we had planned to meet them but allowed us to pursue the matter. The main is that every school studying different programming languages ​​and study so different, so make something in common will not be easy but we definitely think of something.

In addition to this exposure of the other stand it is always interesting and this year was the better, modestly (take a look at the photo at the bottom).

Not having vertical banners or promotional posters this year I proceeded with Firefox logos printed in 3D.

Besides all this being together allowed us to talk, how to organize ourselves better as a community next year.

Among the things that we have decided we are to develop certain programs such as Mozilla or Advocacy WebMaker to find new activities to be offered to volunteers and students.

I can not communicate the things that we decided, also because they are under evaluation, I can only inform that for next year we expect more commitment and events in the cities of Rome, Milan, Fabriano, l’Aquila and Benevento.

For next year the Italian community has in mind many things that will improve but we need you to get feedback so contact us!

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Video interview of organizers from the local television in Italian:

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