My Workflow as Developer 2015

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After a year the article My workflow as developer (I recommend read it as a premise because I’ll skip some parts) last year is one of the most read so it seemed appropriate to make a new edition this year.

Why a new edition? Because the workflow of a programmer can not be stopped but it is evolving because we deprecate some solutions and switch to other technologies or with whom you work also changed radically.

Some premises:

  • Using Sid Debian GNU/Linux so do not ask me how to use those programs on Windows/OSX that I have no idea and I do not care
  • Not all the programs you mention are only for Linux so it’s up to you to check
  • Do not ask opinions of other programs that will delete the comments, the purpose of this article is to talk about my and not to do reviews on social programs that look for me that I talk about it often
  • I will speak of my current workflow and not the past


Getting Started

Last year I spoke to scribble and I can assure you that as a passage is always present and I can not start a new project unless I made an outline of what I have to do.
Make a list of tickets on the repo project is useful for keeping track of things to do and discuss it with colleagues but a mindset is useful, as is mental so you can forget it’s always better to have some notes.

Web Programming

With webinars (in Italian) SkillsAndMore we depeened a lot these speeches then I leave the video to which I added some.

Kate is always my editor quick reference I use for everything, primarily for scripts and edit remote files.

Vim is useful but sometimes it is preferable to a graphical interface, Vim also learn why it is so difficult that whenever I can I forget the commands.

The primary editor is always Netbeans plugins with the same last year but with release 8.1 have increased tools natively supported by PHP and HTML. So I began to discover PHP Code Standard and I also made a my standard for testing support in PHPDOC and for the same reason I’m discovering new tools to verify the quality of the code as PHPMetrics or QualityAnalizer.

Insert new tools in the workflow is difficult for this reason I made a my personal cheatsheet staff with I command that I do not remember but I refer to the article.

Furthermore, new instruments that you are entering into my workflow from web programmer is Composer and Python.

We program already long in Python only that I never used in the web and as editor Python today use only Spyder.

To work on the client side using the Firefox Developer Edition that I’ve always done another Italian webinar:

The realization of the webinar my talk about Firefox Developer Tools is updated then you will leave the link to new slide.

The extensions I use to work on Firefox have changed because today JSON files are displayed with an editor, if you open the source page and the source of the page is automatically opened in a tab.

Concluding web programming I can not talk about Vagrant and docket that are entering in my working environment.

Desktop Programming

From this point of view has not changed anything in my workflow I have indeed increased the number of scripts designed to work better.

Workflow in other people’s projects

Working in projects of others could change their workflow or working methods so the first advice is to read the documentation and see the news of the latest releases to understand how the project is moving.

Ask questions if you are unclear or there are doubts and create an environment of self-employment that is compatible with the guidelines of the project.

We also do not think of any scruples in contacting the project managers if you have questions on how to start working on a project obviously just read all the documentation for not making fool.


For the other points made in the past year it has not changed anything except that has changed the way I approach to draft other.
The events this year were many and partipate allows you to discover new solutions but also read up reading new books or follow the news as PHP Weekly, HTML5 Weekly or JavaScript Weekly.

Another thing I do is to stay updated using solutions as Sibbell about the new project on GitHub without having thousands of feed saving time.

Closing the year 2015 one can see that I started to talk a lot more during the year about new tools such as HowDoI that are in my workflow but also I made the webinars in Italian to learn more of the various techniques.

I invite you to follow the Italian channel of Youtube SkillsAndMore order to remain updated regarding the next webinar.

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