My personal Command CheatSheet

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You’re a developer?

You’re a sysadmin?

You’re a newbie?

Add something in your workflow is very difficult because is very easy to forget a new tool.

Cheatsheet are a simple way to have a recap about a new tool but print and on your wall can be complicated when you have to learn many commands.

For that reason my bashrc is on GitHub with few scripts that I have written but there are many tools that I have created.

The first thing is create an alias for bash for the complex commands with many parameters that you use often.

But this is not enough!

My idea born when I asked to me: What is the program that is opened mainly? (I use a three monitor system).

The browser, in my case Firefox.

So the after this flash of inspiration I have searched for a Web CheatSheet that i can customize with my need.

I’ve found that and after a few modification I’ve created my personal cheatsheet.

To create that I have checked all the alias that I not remember, all the script that I use and other commands that i want to use but I don’t remember.

So i have filled that page with my stuff and you can find the result on

After that I’ve created a folder cheatsheet in the folder of the web server on my pc and created a symbolic link on the root of the web server folder to the index.html in this way I can update the repo without manually editing.

See you the next time!

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