Sibbell – GitHub’s Repo Release notification easily

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I am a lover and addicted of GitHub and track the last releases of every repo is difficult because the GitHub notifications can be very spammy.

Sibbell is a SaaS to get notification about a new release of a repo that you are following.

ALERT: I am using the free plan and this post is spontaneous because I love that service because is fantastic for a developer like me to track all the repos that I’ve starred on my profile.

After the login on Sibbell with GitHub, automatically add all the repos starred (also yours repo):

sibbell-repoAs you can see track every repos!

sibbell-panelAs you can see they offer many features (like the support for disable specific repos notification) a very low price indeed I’m thinking to buy a plan but there is a big problem.

Many developers don’t use the release system of GitHub so is difficult remain in touch with the last updates.

Also they leave empty the release text so in the email you receive only the notification.

This is an example of a cool notification of Sibbell:

sibbell-notificationHow improve that service? (Sibbell is a suggestion for you)

If the release text is empty maybe use the content of the file (if exist), or the latest edits in the readme (the changelog is written here often) or the latest commits.

So the main problem maybe is the laziness of developers that don’t add the text in the release.

For improve that maybe GitHub should engage a program or add that text as required.

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