Linux Day 2015 Benevento – I was there

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This year I was invited as a speaker at Linux Day of Benevento by Lilis (who were very kind) who realized also streaming (all ‘early sound was not great).

The agenda is online and as you can see I made two talk it over a workshop.

But it is a necessary a premise before continuing.

On the night of 14 and 15 October there was a huge flood that devastated parts of the city and that affected schools, government agencies and more.
Among these affected areas it has been damaged the home of Futuro Down Onlus and Informatici Senza Frontiere that had held the courses and all the computer equipment, books and anything else was damaged.

So the organizing association of the Linux Day is is activated in a fundraiser to restore this home and its equipment so those who want more information (photographic) and/or want to help can find on their site all the info. Also this Linux Day in this year have the theme “contributing”.

Returning to the event the workshop has had a participation of 30 students selected by the ITI Lucarelli of Benevento of the various courses.
The workshop was dedicated to the Arduino and Firefox OS to explain how easy it was to interact with a web page rather create a web page and add the interaction through JavaScript.
Then we went to how these apps via the Web Open Web App now accessible on the various systems.
The boys were very interested and I have received several requests for contact by them on Facebook so hopefully in their involvement in the Mozilla’s world as well as open source.

The workshop was to talk about my JavaScript in an hour and a talk about the Open Web App with my app demo.
Network problems prevented me from showing some demo code and Arduino (note for me not only download the slides but also the material boundary).
The questions during the workshop were mainly about the concept of multi-platform and Arduino well as technical questions on Firefox OS.

During my workshops with these students there was a debate in the main hall about the Open Innovation and local issues regarding the software.

In the afternoon I gave two talks on Mozilla and one on Firefox OS for users and developers.

There was the usual question about Firefox OS to install on Android devices so I think it’s time to add some slides on the experimental project B2GDroid that is an app that changes the launcher putting Firefox OS and supports apps for FFOS well as the Android.

During the day (including lunch and dinner), I got to talk to many people, it is talked about the situation of the NPAPI plugin, of WebRTC, of how Mozilla and there were many interested in the Firefox Student Ambassador program and creating a Firefox Club in Benevento.
I could meet Luca that is a Firefox Student Ambassador who has come from Naples on purpose to talk with me to explain what is Mozilla and how to grow within our community.

The evening was very interesting we could talk about advanced computer as KVM, Docker and cloud in addition to Web and CMS which does not happen often.

The event was also useful to talk about Industria Italian del Software Libero and the Italian situation about FOSS.

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