WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 1.1.4 and Yeoman Generator 0.1.10

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This release is very near to the latest 1.1.2 for a simple reason!

There was many bugs on the generator and in the maintime I’ve added many things on the boilerplate in 1.1.3 (not released) and 1.1.4.

ChangeLog of 1.1.3-1.1.4:

  • Better comment in the code
  • Pluggable functions added in language.php
  • TextDomain in a dedicated file for better priority
  • Correct parameters for Apigen
  • Integrated CMB2-Grid
  • Removed folder public/views
  • Fix on language.php from overclockk
  • Improvement on PHPDoc

But this release have many improvements and bugfix in the generator that have created some problems to the user.

For other info check the previous article about the 1.1.2 release.

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