WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 1.1.2 and Yeoman Generator 0.1.9

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icon-256x256Finally after months of working and improve the Boilerplate and the Yeoman Generator today there is a new stable release.

This is the 6th release of this project based on the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 2.x version with many library integrated, snippet, tools and code documentation.

I’ve created this boilerplate for have a complete foundation to write a plugin in few hours with all the mainly stuff required for a plugin. Now the Boilerplate has reached a stable version for features and completeness.

The changelog for the 1.1.2 release:

  • [Improvement] New code of CMB2 with all of the examples in the settings
  • [Documentation] Better example reference for requirements.php
  • [Snippet] Add custom ctps on the search
  • [Improvement] Change the text for the settings page with the plugin name
  • [Improvement] Right box for custom image or banner in settings page
  • [Library] Added CPT_Columns class with new features
  • Improvement and fixes to fake-page.php

Other the ChangeLog the Wiki was updated with the new libraries and other stuff!
The Readme contains all the features of this boilerplate (Libraries like CMB2 or Widgets-Helper, Snippet like support for your CPT in At glance widget, configuration file like for PHP-Compat-Info and more) take a look really!
In the wiki discover the Plugin File Structure or the new page about the plugin built with this boilerplate.

The workflow to start to use this boilerplate? Use the Yeoman generator for remove the features that you don’t need and customize for your benefits in super fast mode!

npm install -g generator-wp-plugin-boilerplate-powered yeoman

Launch the boilerplate in wp-content/plugins folder of WordPress and pick the features that you need.

Check on the readme of the generator for all the parameters and how to use the generator.

The Yeoman generator is an IIP (Improvement in Progress), the Boilerplate is very huge of features and can happen a bug!
Open tickets when you find problems on the generation of the plugin with the settings used for fix the bugs, Thanks!

The next step for the Boilerplate?

Check in the issues of the repo, i’m looking for a Wp-Cron Library to add and more!

People ask me video how to use the Boilerplate but i don’t think that is very useful because is a boilerplate, to this people I suggest to try the Yeoman generator and read the Readme for understand what is this project.


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