Promote MDN 1.7.0 for WordPress

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Promote MDN is a plugin WordPress that add two things on your site:

  • Widget for a MDN banner of your choice
  • Insert the link to MDN pages on specific terms like CSS or JavaScript

Also the plugin do other things that you can check on the screenshots but the new version, after an year for the last release, add new features and fix that you can check on changelog.

Also for the blogger/writer there is the feature to notify the editors on MDN for your post about web technologies or Mozilla stuff.

Use this plugin is not only useful for your visitors to find cool links, but also is possible add new terms and links to add on your pages/posts.

Is useful for MDN to scale the pagerank on search engine for better result about web stuffs (W3Schools is not a real wiki).

Remember the Mozilla Developer Network is a Mozilla project but is a public wiki open to everyone that contain tutorial, examples and many other things like Firefox OS or Firefox extension.

Contain also a Demo Collection about HTML5 stuff and many other very cool experiment on Demo Studio.

In conclusion is not possible to mention the fact that MDN is multi language!

I write this post because I’m the new maintainer of the plugin on GitHub so you can create issues and pull requests of course!

Download the plugin on WordPress repo!

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