Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference Milan 2015 – I was there

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Super Cool. A word on how I could describe this event? Super Cool.

By now I’ve shot so many events and I know recognize when an event depending on the subjects and the audience/participants of a certain level and I can assure you that this was.

Granted not many know but I’m a fanatic debianist! Debian was my first distro and also unique. I tried other systems but I never liked them, then the philosophy of Mom Debian not beat anyone so since 2006 I have Debian Sid on all my computers.

For years I wanted to go to DUCC but because distance and other commitments I’ve never managed so this year with the excuse of Mozilla Reps I attended the call of paper.

Yes, because the DUCC is not just for the community Debian/Ubuntu, but is also open to other Italian community of open source in fact if you take a look at the program was also attended the Italian community of LibreOffice.

I could meet again with old friends and new to other known events but this time did not go running (someone says FOSDEM?) And there has got to even talk and exchange experiences between community.

How LibreItalia which managed to create an association and has a Google+ group that is very active, the Debian and Ubuntu community organized very well with each other, where each has its role and that is always present.

The first talk I was interested in was that of GPG that convinced me to make me a key of my own (although I have not yet done so) and helped me to understand how it works.

Then it was my turn where I made my first talk about Firefox OS for users and developers, this time the questions were mostly on the question of privacy but were clarified once explained the permission system.

The next talk in which he talked about how the company can help the community in the promotion and was the example of facebook group Ubuntu It has exceeded 4,000 members. It was also explained that it is best to respond to those messages on the Internet that bring discredit to their project helping or giving tips to show that there is a person and not a logo to speak. This helps give a different dimension to the people and not feel abandoned, who knows maybe it could become a volunteer thanks to your intervention!

After it was again my turn when I talked about what Mozilla and after this talk I was given the marketing man but I can say that I have taken good this definition because it serves! Not everybody knows what Mozilla then you need to explain what it does and why it does, especially at an event the community Debian/Ubuntu where it is said that everyone knows the Mozilla manifesto.

But it was also a blockbuster because I made two talk and later on Saturday, a third.

However, after lunch there was a really interesting talk on BootTorrent project, the next about WebRTC and use that Debian developers to make their meetings.

The talk about LibreOffice I got to hear a few weeks before the Forum of Industria Italiana del Software Libero (Italian Industry of Free Software).

My third talk was not themed Mozilla fact I put the DUCCIT 2015ย shirt tTo best understand the change.

This time I spoke about the Italian Industry of Free Software, there was some interested who asked me explanations but I would say that we are continuing well for our professionals project in Open Source.

It must be said that the final talk of Saturday’s about Free Hardware gave me good memories (kernel panic for example) when the speaker cited the OpenMoko which is now in my desk (the FreeRunner) off for years.

Qualcuno ha detto gadget?
Someone said gadgets?
I can not talk about the Saturday dinner that made me gorged where between meats, pizza and meat is passed from one topic to another open source, also including embedded boards.

On Sunday I enjoyed the workshop on VIM that was very simple, in the sense VIM is not easy with all of its key combinations but in the end proved to be easier than expected.

The next workshop was interesting because it explained how a leader of a project (in this case, open source) has to coordinate the various members and its activities.

Among us we talked about many things, a community event only for us or a mass participation events IT in our country so that there are various representations, which served to forge the “alliances”.

The event ends here but I look forward to the next in hopes of more workshops because I liked a lot.

Maybe even less I talk my next year, even though I had only given the availability and were not long to choose three talk (it is always the fault of the organizers!).

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