MilanoJS Meetup April and Password: OpenSource 2015 at L’Aquila

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This month, I attended two events to talk about Firefox OS and also WordPress.


On April 14, I was in Milan to one of the monthly meetings of MilanoJS, meetup dedicated to JavaScript that they invited me to talk about Firefox OS.

I took advantage of the trip to spend the afternoon together with Niccolo and Aronne who are Firefox Student Ambassador to discuss projects and what to do to promote our community and bring new volunteers.

The ideas were different in addition to participating in the projects that I follow like the Guida per lo sviluppo veloce per Firefox OS (Quick Guide ) or moz-polyfills, but also to update the Firefox OS Boilerplate App and new ideas.

With new ideas it comes to making online events where we give assistance and answer questions or even act as mentors for new volunteers and guide them to simple projects suitable to start.

From the classic IRC to the public hangout thematic like what they do other community in Italy.

We have several projects Mozilla suitable for those who do not have much time or want to know the community as Web Compat but i don’t want say too many spoilers.

Aronne won the recent giveaway to receive a tablet with Firefox OS on MIPS architecture so we could compare its tablet with my prototype official.

We also talked about the Firefox Club because their being two of the Ambassador can establish it within their university and my presence in Milan was also to see if there are interested to be part of it.

The Firefox Club are just classics clubs that organize events Mozilla periodically within their city or university.

Returning MilanoJS I did talk Firefox OS Developer for newbie that you can find on the site collection of my talks.

talk firefoxos
Little meme
As you can see from this collection on Storify there was a large presence of 50 people, the questions received were dedicated to the Firefox OS ROM to other devices and some things about JavaScript on which I will not bore you.

In late evening dinner with some of the participants in which we talked always about programming.


Password: OpenSource 2015

On April 17, however, I was in L’Aquila with the same talk I did at MilanoJS together to talk about “WordPress as a framework” that you can find in the site mentioned above.

pos15As you can see from the poster of the event was very diversified and I had the opportunity to meet the representatives of other communities as LibreItalia (of which I am a member by the way) and Ubuntu.

Another meme
Another meme
The talk about Firefox OS I did not bring the usual questions unless the ROM, which tells me that I will have to dedicate a slide.

The talk on WordPress was exhaustive and it was the first time that I introduced and I was pleased with how I organized.

The event page as a reference to find the slides, while the photo is the usual link below.

The event has brought 40 people while in the afternoon the number decreased, perhaps because being university participants had to follow the lessons.

With the latter, namely Marco Trevisan we talked some of the differences between the two systems. Also I will have to meet him for DUCC (Debian Ubuntu Community Conference) in Milan in May where I will talk again about Firefox OS as a representative of the Italian community of Mozilla, and also for Industria Italiana del Software Libero (Italian new Association about industry that use Open Source).


Photo by organization:

To close with an anticipation in addition to Milan, Firefox OS will arrive in Rimini next month!

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