Instant answers via CLI with HowDoI

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xkcdThe reason for use this tool is the same as the comic.

Is very annoying search every time for found small snippet of code or the parameters for a command.

With howdoi you can search on stackoverflow and get the first result with first answer with the code.

Also the searches are cached for a fast use because the first is a little slow for the search.


mte90@siduction:~/Desktop$ howdoi jquery ready
$(document).ready(function() { 

mte90@siduction:~/Desktop$ howdoi extract tar.gz
tar zxvf <yourfile>.tar.gz -C /usr/src/

The script is written in python but exist also a version in ruby and nodejs.

Support for your favourite IDE/editor? Vim or Emacs or Sublime Text extension are here.

As a conclusion exist a web version on

You can download the package from pip but check on the original repo for found all the instructions and all the parameters.

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Instant answers via CLI with HowDoI

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