Codemotion 2015 Rome I was there!

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Codemotion Rome I saw a participant for two things, then we start now to tell the two days.

Panel with the logos of the various communities
Friday was the busiest day for me, in addition to small keynote presentation at the event, I was one of the mentor meeting NodeSchool than speaker for the Mozilla meetup.

Group photo of the various representatives of the community from the GDG to Laravel.
The moment when I spoke in English and presenting the meetup.

There’s the video of the keynote presentation, you can enjoy the minute when I talk.

The first talk I followed Friday was dedicated to Laravel that intrigues me as a framework since it is one of the most used in PHP. I also jumped at the stand of O’Reilly and as usual I took a book in this case Eloquent Javascript that is readable online for free. I know JavaScript but the book I felt complete to do a refresher on the new APIs and also explore some steps that I have never been clear.

codemotionrome2015In the afternoon there was this moment of experiment in JavaScript with software training NodeSchool, very interesting meeting with fifty participants (mainly interested in the javascript bases) but I learned a few things for these types of collaborative events dedicated to JavaScript:

  • Explain what are the callback before starting
  • Explain that the nodeschool packages do not need to pass the parameters

Also to repeat the exercises before the event and bring the solution makes it very easy the work of assistance to novices.

Photos from the banner with the appointment of the meetup
The wall to leave messages

We talk about the meetup (which was filmed), whose main purpose was to present this ebook.

You can find the slides on that from today will contain all my slide in Italian and English with videos if available.

The slides contain a small introduction of the Mozilla Manifesto, a list of the most famous projects (Firefox / Firefox for Android, Thunderbird, Firefox OS, Bugzilla, PDF.js, Mozilla Developer Network, WebMaker, Rust, Honorable Mention: Firefox Hello) and the presentation of the Italian community. The other slides were dedicated to the events of last year and those of this year. The last slide was dedicated to the ebook that we translated in italian that has exceeded 100 readers on leanpub, a small goal in less than a month.

The meetup is registered, when the video will be available I will update the page.

There have been many questions:

  • Why develop for Firefox OS – my answer was clear, we experience as JavaScript changes the way you create web apps simplifying the development and the learning curve, for example thanks to the ebook. Although in Italy the spread of Firefox OS is niche while foreign, especially in emerging countries, is widespread.
  • What is Rust – Rust is a new programming language used by Servo who is a reciprocating engine Gecko, for further details please refer to the official website.
  • I can put Firefox on my Android OS? – Classic question, if you can compile it and find drivers or find a rom ready you can flash it to your phone.
  • What Firefox Hello – I explained also WebRTC and that the service is also compatible with other browsers.

At the end of the meetup I could know the developer behind the app of the Italian Yellow Pages available on the marketplace of Firefox.

On Saturday I met several people involved that I have asked for further details to become volunteers.

The feedback received for the meetup has shown that the informal format has made it clear that the community is not only the forum or mailing list but also people with you can talk live without problems.

A small example with a video shot by a person in the audience.

To promote the ebook i had launched a promotional compaign: if you take a selfie during the event with the book you could pick up a Mozilla bracelet but did not work much, perhaps even for the delay of the promotion of this ebook.
The hashtag for the event #fxosroma has not been used much, and then the next events will be in each slide a hashtag reference. Also although in the city there were other events or meetings dedicated to Firefox OS is always better to dedicate to him a slide.

On Saturday I attended the talk Introduction to the development of multiplayer games in HTML5 that was very attractive to the power of WebSocket in web pages. Later I followed lla presentation Startup in Action which provided information on the state and national information for startups.

The talk The Fast and the Mobile was interesting because I was finally convinced to study Backbone.JS in fact I returned to the O’Reilly stand and I took the book Full Stack Web Development with Backbone.js. The speaker was the author of the app of Yellow Pages mentioned above so it seemed a good case study on which to rely, this library is also used in WordPress.

The last talk that I followed was to Christian Heilmann in which he discussed the issue of performance of the sites to make the job easier for the developer are often inefficient and poorly tested, including on the Internet Explorer.

His talk is already online:

I could take a picture with him to promote the ebook Italian as you can see from the photo. I could also have a chat with him at the end of the event.

Here is the report on Storify:

Photo Album:

Upcoming events? The 14 april you can find me at MilanoJS ti talk about of Firefox OS and the 17 Aprile at L’Aquila for Firefox OS and for WordPress.

I leave a meme that I made after seeing one of the photos:


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