PointerPlus or WordPress Pointer simplified

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I’m a crazy guy that want to simplify the development for WordPress for focusing on the plugin itself.

So after the creation of my WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered (fork of WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 2.x of Tom McFarlin with many libraries and snippet), the creation of a Vagrant configuration and the Yeoman Generator I started working in new libraries for the boilerplate.

PointerPlus is a new (forked) library born to simplify the WP Pointer API. In this library with a simple array with the settings you can create automatically the pointer.

As you can see in the readme:

  • Pointer autoposition by selector (WP-Pointer API)
  • Remember the Pointer (WP-Pointer API)
  • Show by Post Type
  • Show by page (ex: users.php)
  • Custom dashicon (https://developer.wordpress.org/resource/dashicons)
  • Hide feature
  • Custom button with JS callback
  • Custom PHP Code to execute at loading of the page
  • Reset the pointer by prefix (by user id)
  • Support for different version of the library
  • Wait the available selector

The library include many feature that are missing on the original API, like the custom Dashicon that is very useful.

The repo include also a plugin file so you can download and activate in a WordPress for try.

WordPress is the way!

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