Open Source Day 2014 in Udine – I was there

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The title of the event should be enough to understand the topic of this event in northern Italy.
This event exists since 2006 (from what I understand) and I’m sorry to have discovered in 2014 because if the Codemotion is for programmers this is for lovers of Open Source and information technology at all levels.

I say to all levels because I refer to difficulties, because every talk he had a grade from 1 to 5, which allows people to evaluate the complexity of the issues.

I leave the list of (italian) talks to make you understand what they were interesting
Also there were the simultaneous Light Talks a duration of 10 minutes!

We take a look at the list of talks that really deserved! That is even a track about the Computer Forensic!

My talk “Firefox OS for users and developers” (in italian) had a degree of level 2, although it is very easy, just because with grade 1 I refer to the knowledge of a smartphone at the generic level and 2 because there are hints about programming even if I do not show a single line of code.

On this trip I was accompanied by my colleague of working and Wp Italy Plus moderator Eugenio Petull√† who held the talk “WordPress as a Framework”. Federico Culloca he is Mozillian, he held a Light Talk on MDN being a translator and writer just MDN.

Together they gave me a hand in manage the stand Mozilla (thanks!) we had available where I put on display (with technical charts) my Firefox OS devices (including tablets). Also let us not miss anything I have given the availability of playing to a WebGL demo with joystick on my laptop (I talked about it in an article above) to demonstrate the power of HTML5.

With Federico I got to talk about Mozilla and what to do for the new year to make it even better both to organize the world and to promote Mozilla.

The spectators were very varied from school groups, school groups because it came three buses of high school students, enthusiasts and professionals. It also professionals because as you can see by exhibitors and sponsors there is much interest!

Young people were very interested in the system that they had never seen and curious predominance; they tried all 4 devices that I brought.

I asked about the end of the event at the organizers to know the number of visitors, and according to their enrollment and attendance are talking about 800-900 people during the day.

The event was organized at the University of Udine and the talk were located in university classrooms that can accommodate a 100 people. To talk about Firefox OS I had a 50 in attendance who came to the stand where I was able to answer questions.

The questions were not very technical (about programming) but more on the spread and the possibility of being able to try on other devices in addition to those on the market.
I can say that the Flame with Firefox 2.2 OS makes a nice impression given the comments received.

I could re meet old friends met at the Fiera di Pordenone that made me very happy and we could talk about community organizing (in the future) combined events.

Then there is someone doing this keychain and you will give away a kidney to get one

For the organization of the stand I realized that in addition to the technical I enter prices with the sites where to buy the device.
Also a sheet having to leave their email to stay up to date and put my WebGL demo with informational messages. I have to find someone who does the photos if I can not make them (hoping for activities of the organizers).

For the rest of the event was inspiring, the organization and the environment very nice and makes me think that I will participate also in the next editions.


This day will conclude the events that I have seen this year as speaker. I have no idea what to expect in the future but be prepared that even in the new year!

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