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Some premises:

  • Using Sid Debian GNU/Linux so do not ask me how to use those programs on Windows/OSX that I have no idea and I do not care
  • Not all the programs you mention are only for Linux so it’s up to you to check
  • Do not ask opinions of other programs that will delete the comments, the purpose of this article is to talk about my and not to do reviews on social programs that look for me that I talk about it often
  • I will speak of my current workflow and not the past
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The first tool is essential, to be a fan of Doctor Who and have a sonic screwdriver

Getting Started

I always start by splitting the project in the most important parts.
Isolate the more tedious parts that usually are those that take longer but are often crucial.

Simply put the most important things to remember and those details that make the difference.

I take notes and I make a scheme on a sheet of paper, yes no digital stuff.
Later drawing the GUI frontend and sites that programs always on paper so I can marking text in freedom.

I write a list, usually depending on the project and slowly starting off with satisfaction things done.

The marking text is important because it clears the mind and helps you focus on more important things. Do it on the computer is not the same thing because there is easily distracted and is much more professional than one marking text on a tablet.

The important thing is scribbling!

Web Programming

As a web programmer for both passion for work I always use the same tools.

Linux is essential

The simple editor I use is Kate that is based on the advanced editor of KDE with some small level customization of shortcut, support to Emmett and tabulation Python style default with spaces.

Let’s move on to serious thing!

The real editor is that beautiful boulder in Java Netbeans (which I use for all web languages). I have a lot of modules installed:

Some shortcuts with custom macros, support for tools XDebug php/PHP Code Sniffer/PHP Coding Standards Fixer/PHPMD/ApiGen, SASS and LESS and a custom configuration for error reporting and formatting.

My face when I inspect web pages with the sonic screwdriver!

Then use Firefox to work with the brand new Developer Edition (formerly Aurora that already used it) with some extensions:

  • Acebug
  • DevTools Prototyper
  • Firebug
  • Firefox OS Simulator 1.3 to 2.2
  • FirePicker
  • FireStorage Plus
  • Grunt DevTools
  • Page Speed
  • YSlow
  • View Source Code in the Same Tab

Also now I use the tools of Firefox to work that are a cannon and for their deficiencies I use Firebug but I spoke here.

From the command line instead usually use Grunt depending on the project. With WordPress use WordMove to deploy so much so that I made the tools to simplify its configuration.

Also working to prepare an environment for the development of a WordPress site I realized one script combining WP-CLI and Breeder.

Programming Desktop

To program in Bash use Kate which use even for Python.
If I have to work in an advanced way to use Python, I use Spyder (with various tools secondary) because usually work with Qt.

For NodeJS always use Netbeans while Dart use the tools of the official language.

KDE I used Plasmate in the past with Kate.


I could not even take advantage of solutions like unit tests for lack of time or actual need then use the classic solution manual or evidence by those unfamiliar with the project.

If it comes to fixing a bug in a project not my addition to look at the official website I study the code. This thing of reading the code allows me to learn but also to understand if the project that I will use is really practical for my needs, and if it’s done right. Also it allows me to use it with confidence because I know how it works and to test if necessary.


For the literature search using the official website of the various languages ​​and StackOverflow in most cases.
The support forums of the various software and GitHub are really useful for my work.

As I document?

Books, guides, tutorials, and more through my favorite feeds.

Remove the project is the best way to learn to use it but it requires time and skills so I use it as a last resort although it is often decisive.


To translate use Lokalize which is much more powerful than PoEdit that has only two missing features in KDE counterpart or the compilation of the file to save and scan the source code to update the language files.

Files for easier file type proprierties use the usual Kate.


To test the security use WPScan, tools, depending on what you need and of course the intelligence that is the most powerful tool. Know how you made the code helps to test points that are considered most vulnerable.

Online tools

Working with the web use some online tools primarily Google Page Speed ​​and Woorank.

One of my favorite sites is the tool

To use OwnCloud work, Google Drive, Asana and Google Hangouts to communicate with colleagues and exchange files.


Since using this service, ie from 2010, I improved a lot my way of working and learning as well as relate with other programmers.

I used to work on my projects privately and I released the material on my site and this is wrong for the promotion and for comparison with the others is the key part of any job.


The events are a practical way to live GitHub in real life.

You learn many things from other programmers and above is very funny, I think you need to see if it works better or worse. GitHub is useful but the human relationship can not beat a message on a social type “is beautiful” while a technician is quite another.

Do the speaker of events also is a jump even more important is a recognition of their work.

14 - 1

Did you expect other material? They have the technical knowledge to change the way people work not workflow.

This is why I write and why I ask you to participate in surveys that open and participating in my work to improve the material you read.

I forgot something?

What theme you choose for the next week?

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