Linux Day 2014 – I was there!

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This year I participated again as a speaker at the Roma2Lug with the talk Firefox OS Development for Newbie.


Last year I introduced up with the talk Firefox OS for users and developers in italian (who I filmed) marking my entry into the field in a very incisive in the world of open source.

Certain of water under the bridge saw many, I attended the Italian launch of Firefox OS in the role of Firefox OS Training Lead that opened my ideas about many things in this world and inspired me to do more. Perhaps roughly with very impetus by the recognition that the Italian community of Mozilla gave me. At that time I did not say that much, only when I realized that here was already working with these technologies have made the difference for me, for the world and for others.

After I was able to speak for Mozilla in many other events throughout this year and do a lot more for the international community Mozilla. I also an account of my activities as a volunteer and have recently been named Marketplace Contributor September. This succession of events and little recognition for my work to a year away make me proud of what I did and it all started from a Linux Day.

What is an Italian Linux Day for us?

For us Italians it means a day (annual unfortunately) for fans in here talking about this open source ecosystem which is now widespread in the technology even daily.

For this reason the last year decided to go to a Linux Day for the first and also as a speaker for the first time!
Being able to talk about technology in a simple but at the same time technical but lightly, with not mention of code. So I decided to call the talk for users and developers, and the name remains to this day.

Speaking at a university gets really weird for someone who has decided not to do it and start working as a programmer. I would say it is almost a ransom for me to show that today you do not need a degree to change the world in small and even less requirements on paper and remain so until they prove their quality really.

Nor prove to be volunteers although some seem to be a dependent for heat and attendance at events that one takes.

Everyone in this (technology) world can make a difference, just the interest and the desire to get involved in my case were the hit start.

Linux Day 2014

After this small (and long) we begin to talk about the premise of two weeks ago!

The availability of Roma2Lug was really wide and their organization really accurate. They put me on a tour to show the Firefox OS devices in my possession and answer questions.

Mozilla has sent me to the event of the gadgets of the pins, stickers, neck lanyard and a t-shirt for their lottery as offer.

talk were really interesting and ranged from one subject to another, and I regret not having been able to follow back.


Why do I discovered my kryptonite, the Lan party FPS!

In the afternoon we held a tournament OpenArena that sucked my time. They also came in fourth place out of 4 matches, one of which won the first place. They also made fun of giving me as a consolation prize stickers Mozilla that I brought myself. The next time i frag you with a shot to the head (in the game)!

It’s really funny and joke screaming at each other from one PC to another in the same room instead of doing it online.

This year I did not make the video, nor do pictures because the organizers were equipped and have a good album on Google+.

I’m easy to recognize, t-shirt and sweatshirt with Firefox tattoo.

For a more italian detailed report, I leave you to the official LUG.

What can I say? I enjoyed it, I have been asking questions about Firefox OS, questions about becoming a volunteer Mozilla and technical questions about the system.

The people there were feeling and this shows that the argument Firefox OS has success, although there are those who still did not use JavaScript or web technologies.

I forgot this year’s theme of the day were the Linux community in Rome and there was a good example of this.

Parallel Knoppix, Ninux, Open Street Maps, Libreitalia and Mozilla.

How quick is not at the level of the other because such events are to be lived to the personal interactions, not only for the talk. And the personal interactions are the ones that push you to new discoveries and see that you’re not the only person lover of technology that lost time at the computer.

The next event as a speaker is to the italian north Open Source Day in Udine November 29 with the talk Firefox OS for users and developers. There are many really interesting talk, there will also be a mini talk on MDN by klez and I hope my other mini talk on the Mozilla. There will also be Eugenio, collague and moderator with me on WordPress + Italy, to talk about WordPress.

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