QAsana – Simple interface for Asana

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This is a two-day project created for improve my workflow.

screenshotClick on settings, and insert the API key, instruction to get:

Any user can get their own API key by visiting the Account Settings dialog and clicking on the Apps tab. The API key is located at the bottom of this dialog.

You can go directly to the tab now to see your API key.

After this i’ve thought the software for use with the shortcut of your DE.

How to use

I’ve configured to use for example with ALT + Q.

The app detect if have the focus, in case of a second execution the app is hide it.

If the app is hide is showed under the cursor.

With the parameter --hide the app is loaded in background, in this way is possible to call with the hotkey previously configured.

For show the new task added is required a manually “Update Task List”.

For a better use is preferable load in the DE start up with the --hide parameter.


  • Remove a task with a simple check
  • Write a new task
  • Update only the project viewed
  • Update all the info from Asana


  • Python 3
  • PyQT for Qt 4
  • Python Asana wrapper unofficial for support Python 3 (check in the readme)
  • xdotool (move the window and hide)


The amazing facts of this simple client of a web service (in this case Asana) is that they are only 170 rows of code for a working GUI for the *nix world.


The fast cowboy coder has done an excellent job!

I’ll see you at the next time!

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